A Guide to the Best Bedroom Doors

A Guide to the Best Bedroom Doors

Choosing luxury internal doors is surprisingly difficult. They need to present a uniform front on one side, reflecting the hallway that they stand-in. But, on the other side of the doors, you may have vastly different rooms. The doors still need to fit in and look the part.

Most people solve the riddle by choosing plain doors in a white, or similarly pale color, effectively neutralizing the look.

But, even if you opt for a plain color, you need to consider the look, style, and hardware of each door.

Bedrooms can be particularly difficult as you want them to reflect the opulent and relaxing room on the other side of the door. To help you choose the best bedroom and interior doors, check out this guide.

The Material

Doors come in a variety of different materials, but wood remains the best option. If you’re hoping for a lightweight door that doesn’t cost too much then a wood panel door is definitely the right way to go. This is a wood frame with panels on that can be plain or patterned. It’s light but looks contemporary.

The alternative is a solid wood door, these are much heavier and more durable. They are also better at sound-insulating, which could be a concern when fitting a bedroom door.

The solid wooden door is generally easier to paint than the pane door, helping it to fit with the different décor in the hallway and the bedroom.

You should note that it’s possible to get doors made from MDF; This artificial, wood-based material is naturally resistant to warping. That makes it a good choice if your home suffers from humidity. They are very affordable, durable, and available in an impressive array of styles. You can even paint them to create the desired finish. 

French Doors

These are a great option for larger bedrooms. You may need to remodel the existing entrance space but a set of French doors can add valuable light to the room while retaining privacy. There are plenty of lightweight curtains that allow light through while obscuring the views of others. 

In fact, the right curtains can add to the look of your chosen door. It’s difficult to make a more dramatic bedroom entrance than this.

Folding or Sliding

In contrast, if space is limited then you’ll want to look at using sliding or folding doors. These are generally made with a white door, some of them will even disappear into the world, creating a stunning effect.

Of course, with a sliding door, you find it easy to make the door appear invisible, which could be useful if you don’t want anyone disturbing you.  A sliding barn door can help you create a rustic feel in your bedroom without taking up valuable space in a smaller room.

The Bottom Line

Wood remains the preferred choice for bedroom doors, although more people are concerned with where the wood has come from. Recycled or reclaimed wood is best. 

Larger bedrooms will benefit from French doors or even barn doors, depending on the style of your home. Smaller bedrooms will do better with solid or paneled wooden doors. 

But, whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and the style you want in your home.

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