Most people want endless closet space–or at least something big enough to accommodate all the clothes you have right now and the clothes you want to buy in the future. No one wants to think about getting rid of items even if they don’t wear them anymore. It’s money you’ve already spent, so of course, you don’t want to just give them away. 

The reality, however, is that you have limited closet space. To use it wisely, you need to edit your wardrobe. Here’s how: 

Gather Everything

How to Edit Your Wardrobe to Use Closet Space Wisely

Start by assessing how many clothes you own and giving your piles a good look. When they’re all stuffed into drawers, you don’t realize how big the problem is. Take everything out, gather them in one place, and let the shock prompt you to act. After seeing all the clothes you own and realizing how many of them you don’t use anymore, you’ll be more inclined to edit. 

Remove Items that Don’t Fit Anymore 

As you start removing pieces from your wardrobe, your emotions and sentimentality will make it hard to get rid of items you’ve owned for a long time. One way to get past your emotions is to think of it in terms of cleaning your makeup kit. You constantly need to buy new facial cleanser online, and even your mascara and eyeshadow palettes have an expiry date. When they expire, you want to get rid of them because they’ve served their purpose and they’re only taking up space. Think of ill-fitting clothes as makeup that has already expired; you’re keeping them for the sake of keeping them but they’re not useful to you anymore. 

Know Your Colors 

How to Edit Your Wardrobe to Use Closet Space Wisely

You gravitate towards colors that look good on you. After a handful of shopping trips in the past, you probably have a good idea of the colors that you can and can’t wear according to your skin tone and personal style. Now, look at how much of your wardrobe is this color. If you feel most confident in black, go ahead and keep all the black pieces you have. If you don’t feel confident in bright orange, get rid of that dress that you hardly wear. 

Sort by Style

Keep like items together to make it easier to get ready. If you need your sleepwear, you should know where to find them. The same should be true for your sportswear and evening wear. Even your shoes can be categorized and placed near the items you always wear them with. The goal of editing your wardrobe is to get rid of items you don’t wear anymore, but strategically arranging your remaining pieces to make your morning more efficient is a bonus.  If your closet still remains cluttered after decluttering, it might be time to consider professional organizing with Custom Closets.

Store Clothes in Drawers Folder-style

Ever forgotten you own a certain eyebrow palette because it’s been stashed away underneath your most used palettes? This also happens with clothes. When you’re stacking clothes one after another, you only see the pieces that are on top. Unless you rummage through the whole pile, there’s no knowing what items of clothing are hidden underneath. The better way is to store them upright, filed away so that opening the drawers gives you a good view of everything you own. 

Your closet can only hold so many clothes. Learn to edit unused items out of your wardrobe for a more streamlined closet.