Carrying excess weight cannot only impact your confidence, but it can also have serious health complications, so you owe it to yourself to make a change.

If you are struggling to zip up your jeans or are worried about your ailing health, it is more than likely a sign you need to change your lifestyle.

To take back control of your confidence and improve your health, read these top tips on how to stop gaining weight in 2019.

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

Small mistakes can lead to significant health consequences, as they can each lead to unwanted weight gain. It’s essential to both identify and eliminate bad habits that could be damaging your lifestyle, such as:

  • Avoiding exercise
  • Consuming too much alcohol or sugary drinks
  • Overindulging in too many snacks
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Reaching for a second serving
  • Finishing your children’s meals
  • Eating many simple carbohydrates (white bread, sugar, etc.)

Eliminating the above bad habits could help you to easily reduce the number staring back at you on the scales.

How to Stop Gaining Weight in 2019

Change Your Diet

If your diet is filled with saturated fat and sugar, don’t be surprised if you put on weight. It can also increase your likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which is why you must change your diet if you’re piling on the pounds.

If you want to effectively lose weight, find diet plans that work for your lifestyle so that you can restore your health and self-esteem. Low calorie shakes are made with high biological value protein and are low in calories, ideal for weight loss.

Embrace More Physical Activity

A lack of exercise could also be contributing to your unwanted weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you must incorporate more physical activity into your everyday routine.

For example, you could set a target to walk a minimum of 2,000 steps per day. You also could enjoy running, cycling, dancing or strength training two to three times per week, which could help to burn a considerable number of calories from your diet.

However, ensure the exercise you choose complements your diet plan to avoid fatigue. Your diet and exercise regimen need to work with one another.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water can support any diet or exercise plan because it features zero calories and won’t contribute to weight gain. Plus, it will keep you hydrated.

Water can reportedly help you to burn calories and could suppress your appetite when consumed prior to a meal. However, water alone is not enough to help you lose weight, as it should support a healthy diet and active lifestyle such as a natural fat burner supplement like Leanbean.

There are various ways to increase your water intake, as you could:

    • Carry a water bottle with you
    • Drink herbal tea or coffee (skip the sugar)
    • Consume fruits with a high water content
    • Add flavor to a water pitcher (mint, lemon or berries)

How to Stop Gaining Weight in 2019


Carrying excess weight can affect your life in a variety of ways, from destroying your self-confidence levels to increasing your risk of various medical problems.

Don’t spend 2019 worried about your health or how you look and follow the above steps to feel happy, healthy and confident in your own skin.


  1. That is a really helpful article.
    I’ve been trying to diet every day. I think the most of difficult thing what I’ve done in my life.
    Drinking lots of water and eating low calories.

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