How to Tell Which Birth Control Method is Best for You

How to Tell Which Birth Control Method is Best for You

Selecting the right birth control method to prevent pregnancy is not as simple as it may sound. However, understanding the factors that come into play when selecting birth control is a significant step towards knowing which method is best for you. Boca Raton birth control specialists at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists have extensive experience in offering birth control counseling and can help you understand what to consider for your birth control option. Here are some factors to help you know if a birth control method is right for you.

The effectiveness of the Method

It is a fact that some methods work better than others. Your doctor can help you understand how effective different birth control options are to help you go for more effectiveness. The methods that require fewer efforts from you are the most effective, including Implants, sterilization, and IUDs. Other options such as condoms, the patch, and the pills are also highly effective but only when used consistently and correctly. The least effective methods are the ones that require much of your efforts, such as self-control, including fertility monitoring, and withdrawal before ejaculation.

Your Long-Term Reproductive Goals

Do you desire to have children in the future? This is a significant question you should ask yourself when choosing a birth control method. This is because some methods are reversible while others are permanent. Therefore, if you still want to conceive soon, some options are definitely not a good option. But if you feel that your family is complete and you are not going to get pregnant in the future, then you can go for the permanent options that are more effective such as sterilization.

Possible Side Effects

Most of the birth control options have side effects. Therefore, it is critical to consider the effects and weigh if you can tolerate them if you were to choose a certain method. When going for hormone-based contraceptives, it is good to understand that you can experience bleeding between periods, breast tenderness, nausea, cramping, depression, weight gain, cramping, and hair or skin changes. Other contraceptives can cause heavy bleeding during periods. Therefore, when choosing birth control, let your doctor take you through all the possible side effects and make a choice based on your tolerance to the effects.

Your Personality and Lifestyle

Some birth control requires accuracy with no room for errors. Therefore, if your lifestyle is likely to cause errors, it would be better to avoid such options. Besides, if you are forgetful or you have irregular schedules, please avoid birth control options such as pills that require to be taken every day. Also, if you are not sure you can be consistent with a condom, it’s good to go for other alternatives that will not require your daily efforts.

What is Your Health Status?

Some birth control options may not be suitable for you if you have some underlying health conditions. Some contraceptives can increase the risk for some health complications such as heart disease, particularly if you smoke and are over 35. If you are at a higher risk for blood clots or stroke, uterine or breast cancer, or active liver disease, please avoid the birth control options involving hormones. Please be open to your provider about your health complication as they will advise you accordingly.

If you want to prevent unwanted pregnancy and are not sure which birth control option is right for you, please contact MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists and meet a friendly and experienced team of experts who will help you make informed decisions.

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