Diagnosis and Customized Treatment for the Cause of Your Dizziness in Alexandria

Diagnosis and Customized Treatment for the Cause of Your Dizziness in Alexandria

Dizziness is mystifying and can signify an underlying health condition and can be serious if it makes you fall.  It refers to a feeling of being woozy, lightheaded, unsteady, or unbalanced. Constant dizziness or frequent dizzy spells can cause a significant effect on your life. At Integrated Neurology Services, the board-certified neurologists diagnose the cause of your dizziness and provide customized treatment to relieve your symptoms and the underlying cause. For Alexandria dizziness, call or schedule an appointment online with Integrated Neurology Services today.

What Causes Dizziness?

Various conditions can cause dizziness that ranges from neurological diseases to low blood sugar. Some of the common causes of dizziness include ear infection, anxiety, stroke, multiple sclerosis, middle ear disorder, an abrupt drop in blood pressure, a decrease in blood volume, and Parkinson’s disease. Alcohol, medication, or migraines sometimes cause dizziness. Dizziness that creates the false sense that you and your surroundings are moving or spinning is known as vertigo which causes short-term dizziness when you change positions suddenly. The build-up of fluid in your ear, a condition called Meniere’s disease can also trigger dizziness.

When Should You Visit A Doctor About Dizziness?

You should consider visiting a doctor if you have frequent dizziness that is interfering with your life. The episode might last for seconds or hours and might recur. Furthermore, you should seek medical care if your dizziness comes with symptoms such as neck ache, blurry vision, headache, high fever, chest pain, lost consciousness, tingling or numbness, hearing loss, speaking problems,  and drooping of your mouth or eye. These symptoms might be worsened or triggered by standing up, walking, or moving the head. Additionally, you should schedule an appointment if you have dizziness after having a head injury.

What Should You Expect During the Diagnosis of the Cause of Dizziness?

When you visit a doctor due to frequent dizziness, you will undergo a comprehensive examination and consultation with the providers. The doctor starts by reviewing your overall health, symptoms, and lifestyle. The provider may request details about your dizziness, such as when it happens, the dizziness severity, and if you are experiencing other symptoms. They will assess your eyes, ears, and carry out standard neurological tests to check your balance, reflexes, and strength. If necessary, the doctor might send you to the laboratory for imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs.

What Are the Available Dizziness Treatment Options?

The treatment option depends on the underlying cause of your dizziness. For instance, if you have an issue with your inner ear, the doctor may prescribe exercises or medications to restore your balance. You may also benefit from changing your diet by cutting back on salt and maintaining your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. There are also customized treatment options for neurological issues causing dizziness.

In conclusion, dizziness can be uncomfortable and might also cause long-term consequences if a health condition causing the dizziness to go untreated. If your dizziness is interfering with your life, call or book an appointment online with Integrated Neurology Services today. 

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