Family Gratitude Journal

The older I get the more I’ve come to realize all of the things I should be grateful for.  However, sometimes, I forget to stop and reflect on being thankful as I get busy in my daily life.  I’ve solved that problem with my new family gratitude journal.  It’s been several years since I kept a journal, but as I’ve been healing from a spine injury, and have had a lot of time to reflect on the things I wish I’d done and would like to change, journaling has come back into my thoughts.

Family Gratitude Journal

The reason I selected to restart journaling with the gratitude journal is that it makes me write down everything I’m thankful for each and every day as well as the people I’m thankful for.  Not only that but there is an area of what I’m thankful for, day by day.  After losing some family members unexpectedly, it’s really made me stop and think about life in a more passionate matter.  This journal is not only a way for me to express my thanks, but it’s a reminder to those I’ll leave behind one day, of a year in my daily life.  And who knows, this might turn out to be something I want to continue doing year after year.

Family Gratitude Journal

Some noteworthy features:

Family Gratitude is bound in an olive linen with gold embossed title. Spine features title 365 days of family gratitude. The purpose of this journal was to create a tool for parents to teach their children all about living a grateful life. How to live your life feeling grateful for what you have, for those who love and care for you, for the kindness that people show and for the experiences that enrich and inspire every day. Can also be used for those without kids.

  • Beautiful way of bringing family together at the end of every day and each sharing and journaling answers to the following questions: Today I am grateful for, People I am thankful for, Best part of my day was

  • Each page features a quote that can be used as a prompt to start conversations that open children’s minds further to understanding how to be thankful and give guidance to emotionally coping with everyday life situations.

  • Features: 365 pages, Case bound, flat lay binding, 120GSM forest free paper & ribbon marker Size: 230 x 130mm & 365pp

  • MSRP $44.95; BUY on website

While I’m adding this to my gifts for any occasion category, you’ll be seeing this mentioned again in my upcoming Christmas Gift Guide.  It’s a great gift for anyone.

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