Just Chit Chat

I’ve allowed myself to become so busy lately that it took pulling a muscle in my back to make me slow down.  I hate when that happens, lol.  So I thought it would be a great time to catch up and have some coffee with all of you.  Sluuuuuuuuuuurp.

Just Chit Chat

Here’s what’s new or semi-new with me.

After some medical issues, I’ve realized that my insurance really bites especially when it comes to dental work or vision.  So, I had to get insurance for my insurance just to have a little more coverage.  As soon as this back allows for longer sitting and moving about, I’m going to see if I can find an insurance company to replace both of my policies.   If you have a good insurance policy that covers just about everything, please let me know what it is so I can check into it.

Just Chit Chat

New glasses are on the way.  It’s bad when you’re happy about glasses, lol.  These eyes are aging faster than I can keep up.  I thought about contacts this time but I just couldn’t see me putting them in.  Maybe next time.  I think I said that last time too.

Just Chit Chat

I’m going to Texas and Mexico next month for a vacation.  I’m trying to find a cute set of luggage because mine is just crazy worn out.  That’s either a sign of too much traveling or not so great luggage.  All of my sisters and our mom will be together so I’m really looking forward to it.

Just Chit Chat

I’m still waiting for my new apartment.  I’m on a waiting list actually and there’s now only one more person ahead of me.  I’m looking forward to more room and a quieter location.  Everyone wants to get into these apartments so the waiting list is always long.  And then no one wants to leave once they get in so it’s still just hurry up and wait, lol. It’s not that they’re any better than the others, there are more up-to-date ones for sure (and cheaper too) but it’s all about the great management and the location.

Just Chit Chat

My turtles are growing a lot faster than I anticipated and once I get moved (because it was from lifting my current aquarium that caused my pulled muscle) I’m going to have to go ahead and buy a 120 – 150-gallon aquarium for them.  Hopefully the facets there will allow for easy cleaning unlike the ones here.

Peanut is doing great and is as spoiled as ever.  Woof Woof.

Wow, I’ve just bored myself to tears, lol. That’s Georgia living for you.

I’d love it if you’d let me know what you’ve been up to this spring, in a comment.  I don’t always have time to answer all of your comments (this crazy back of mine) but I do read them all.

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  1. They’re not easy to keep. Their aquarium has to be cleaned out several times a week. The bigger they get, the bigger the aquarium has to be. Their heat and uvb/uva lighting has to be just right. They’re a lot more work than I bargained for. But I love them so they worth it, lol.

  2. Oh that video is so cute! Are turtles easy to keep, I want some so bad!!

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