Knowing Who to See When Pain Becomes Intolerable

Knowing Who to See When Pain Becomes Intolerable

Pain medications are formularized to reduce your pain, not to address your underlying condition or injury. However, there comes a time when your doctor might want you to stop taking them. Instead, they might refer you to an anesthesiologist and pain management physician in Ionia, MI for further treatment. If your doctor has resorted to this option, this article is for you.

Why your doctor might stop prescribing pain medications

Whether you have just started taking pain relievers or have been using them for some time, your doctor might withdraw from prescribing them for your benefit. Reasons for doing so include:

  1. Preventing you from abusing your meds

Everybody fears pain. They would do anything, including overdosing on their medications, to get mild relief. Your body becomes dependent on the drug such that you cannot do without it. Over time, such people might resort to hard drugs to manage their pain. Your doctor wants to avoid any situation that can make you think in that direction.

  1. Avoiding lawsuits due to negligence

When your doctor prescribes pain medication for you, it means they are liable for anything that may happen to you if the meds cause fatal side effects. Doctors know this, and that is why they will try to stop you from taking the meds any further.

How an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist can help you

If you have been living with chronic pain for quite some time, you might be worried about your chances of coping. Your pain probably makes it tough for you to sleep at night. It gets to a point where all your mind can think about is getting relief from your pain. Fortunately, the Advanced Pain Solutions team understands your problem and is ready to devise medical solutions to treat your pain.

When you check into the facility, the first thing a pain specialist does is ask you a few questions to gauge your pain seriousness. They primarily focus on diagnosing and managing chronic pain. The team is divided into:

1. Anesthesiologist

If you are to undergo surgery for your pain, an anesthesiologist is the first person you are supposed to see examine your medical history. They perform physical exams on your heart and check if your body can accommodate local anesthesia. This works to render you eligible for chronic pain surgery.

2. Pain management specialist

A pain specialist may come into play to find treatment solutions to your chronic pain. They also take part in identifying underlying conditions that could be causing your pain. If, for example, your pain is caused by arthritis, they will tailor a treatment plan to manage your condition.

Ask the experts

Taking pain killers can be harmless, but only when done in moderation. Your doctor knows the consequences of prolonged intake of pain relievers. That is why they might refuse to prescribe any further. If you have been battling persistent pain that does not improve even with medications, the best person to see is a pain specialist. To learn more about pain management services, visit Advanced Pain Solutions today.

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