Liven Up Your Living Room With These 8 Ideas

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Living rooms are probably the best room in the home when it comes to decor and design. There are so many different things you can do with a living room and so many ways in which you can change and improve on an existing design. I find that a lot of people get to the point where they’re a little bit bored of their living room. They’ve had the same design for a long time, and something just doesn’t feel right anymore.

If this scenario sounds close to your heart, then you really need to liven up your living area! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to rip up the carpet, tear down the wallpaper, and start completely from scratch. No, there are simple ideas you can use that will liven up your living room without you needing to totally alter the design.

Liven Up Your Living Room With These 8 Ideas

Create Some Welcoming Smells

One super-easy way of livening up your living room is to focus on the way it smells. Now, I’m not for one second suggesting your living room smells bad! However, over time, we become used to certain smells. This is why everyone’s house seems to have a certain smell to it, but you can never smell your house’s smell. You know what I’m talking about, right? Anyway, my point is that you’ve become used to your living room, and it doesn’t have a distinct smell anymore. But, if you create some welcoming smells, then it livens the whole place up. Your living room can go from being an average place to smelling like a tropical garden or a bakery. There are loads of different ways you can create smells, but my two favorites are candles and diffusers. I choose these two options because they usually create the best scents, and they don’t put harmful things in the air that can affect people’s breathing. As opposed to using air freshener cans that do potentially affect people’s breathing. So, get some candles or a reed diffuser and make your living room smell like a breath of fresh air once more. Instantly, you’ll be blown away by the difference this makes.

Liven Up Your Living Room With These 8 Ideas

Add Some Colorful Cushions To Your Sofa

Some of you may be pleased to know that bright and colorful cushions are very popular in the home decor world right now. This is great news for someone that’s trying to liven up their living room as these cushions can add some serious brightness to a dull area. Like I’ve said before, over time, your living room can feel stale and just get a bit dull and boring. But, you don’t want to try and liven it up by completely ripping off the wallpaper and getting some new one put on the walls. Instead, you can go for a much easier idea and buy some of the colorful cushions I just spoke about. They liven up your living room quite incredibly, and there’s no effort involved at all. The only thing you need to do is buy them and then stick them on your sofa; job done! There’s no need for expensive home decor work, and you can avoid a lot of mess as well.

Get A Bean Bag Chair

When I say bean bag chair, you automatically cast your mind back to when you were a small child and had a little bean bag in your room. Ah, those were the days – until the bag split open and all those little white balls went everywhere. Well, your inner child will be pleased to know that bean bags are back in fashion, and they come in the form of fancy bean bag chairs. These days, there are loads of places like Fombag that sell bean bag chairs in all shapes and sizes. You can get one that’s literally two or three times the size of you and resembles a giant cloud. No matter what style you choose, it will add something extra to your living room. Bean bag chairs are just incredibly fun, and they’re so good if you want to relax. They give your living room a new dynamic element, which helps liven the place up a bit!

Buy A Statement Coffee Table

I personally think that coffee tables are an essential part of every living room. They help tie the whole room together and create a focal point in your living area as well. Now, you have good coffee tables, and you have bad ones. A bad one is just a small table that’s not really adding anything to the room. However, a good one is able to create a real impact and make heads turn. That’s the effect you’re going for here; it should be a conversation starter as well as a table! People that enter your living room should ask you about it and exclaim aloud about how gorgeous it is. I also find that coffee tables can go out of fashion as time goes by, or just generally lose some of their shine thanks to general wear and tear. So, by upgrading your old coffee table to a new one, you can add a statement piece to your living room that brings it to life.

Bring In Some Beautiful Flowers

This is another really effective and easy way of livening up your living room with a splash of color. Flowers are mother nature’s paintbrush, adding highlights of color to otherwise dull places. Bringing them into your living room is a genius idea as it really helps you improve the way it looks. Plus, this can also help with creating that welcoming scent I mentioned earlier! There are loads of different flowers to choose from, but my top picks are the bright and vibrant ones like roses, daffodils, tulips, and so on. A big bouquet of these in your living room will really improve its appearance while also having a positive impact on the way it feels too.

Upgrade Your Light Shade

It’s time to cast your eyes to the sky with this genius idea that will seriously spice up any living room. To be honest, how many of you can say your light shade is particularly good-looking? I bet most of you can’t tell me what it looks like off the top of your head anyway! To me, this shows that it’s not really offering much to your living room, and isn’t really creating impressive vibes. So, it’s time to upgrade your light shade to something more modern and just a little bit more spectacular too. There are some really cool designs out there, from glass light shades to traditional ones with better patterns. Either way, they’ll add something extra to your living room compared to a boring plain one. It’s another simple idea, but it works wonders.

Liven Up Your Living Room With These 8 Ideas

Hang A Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors have long been used to great effect in the home decor world. Most people think they serve one purpose; to show you a reflection. However, interior designers use mirrors for something completely different. By adding a mirror to your living room, you can give the illusion of more space in a small area. Mirrors help open up your living room, which avoids feelings of crampedness that you might already be getting. Not only that, but a mirror is quite a bright thing by nature. It’s nice and reflective, and you can get ones with bright and vibrant designs around the outside too. All in all, a great addition to your living room if you want to add more character and create a more lively atmosphere.

Get Some LED Light Panels

If you’re really tuned into the home decor world, then you’ll be aware that LED light panels are making a big splash right now. Basically, they’re a very unique and interesting way of adding more lighting to a room. Instead of typical lights, or even fairy lights, you have panels that stick to your wall. The great thing about them is that you can design them in different patterns that look cool too. With a lot of these panels, you can buy a certain amount and then keep adding more to your collection as well. But, this isn’t even the best bit! For me, the highlight with these is that they display lots of different colors. So, you can set them up to display any color you like, or even program them to switch between different color patterns. No matter how you use them, they will liven up your living room quite dramatically. Basically, you can add a little light display on your living room wall; how cool is that?!

There are two main things to take away from this article. Firstly; there are loads of ways you can liven up your living room! But, perhaps most importantly, you can liven up your living room without spending a fortune or undertake lengthy and disruptive home decor projects. All the ideas I’ve mentioned involve either upgrading elements of your existing living room or simply adding something new to it. So, if you want to improve the look and feel of your living area, then these are the ideas for you!

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