Summer Health Hints

Summer is almost here and that means that it’s time to think about summer wellness.

When most of us think about getting sick, we tend to think of the cooler months as being more of a problem, but there are many potential pitfalls to be found in the summer, in terms of health and wellbeing anyway.

With that in mind, below I’ve put together some helpful summer health hints that will enable you to stay safe and healthy this summer:

Wear sunscreen

It’s an obvious one but if you are going outdoors during the day, you should ensure that any visible area of skin has been covered with sunscreen. You will also need to remember to reapply that sunscreen every few hours to ensure you stay protected, don’t get burnt, and don’t increase your risk of skin cancer.

Wear sunglasses

Of course, sunscreen cannot protect your eyes from the sun (so not put sunscreen in your eyes) so you will need to ensure that you have a decent pair of sunglasses that you can wear to keep the harsh light of the dun at bay and avoid vision issues.

Get your allergy shots

If you suffer badly from hayfever and other allergies in the summer months, then getting injectable treatment for allergies is often a good idea as you will not need to remember to medicate yourself quite so often, nor will you suffer from the side effects of anti-histamine and other pill-based treatments. So, you can sit back and enjoy the summer sun.

Summer Health Hints


In the summer you need to drink more water than usual if it is hotter, at least, because you will be sweating more, which means you will need to replenish those lost fluids. Dehydration can cause serious issues like headaches and migraines, fainting, and brain fog, so keep a bottle of water with you at all times and sip it regularly.

Keep insects at bay

Flea bites can be painful and itchy and tick bites can be very serious causing chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, and since you are much more likely to get bitten in the summer months, it’s important that you either wear insect repellant or long sleeves and trousers to avoid the risks. It is probably a good idea to check yourself for ticks if you have been in an area, such as a park or woodland, where they are likely to be prevalent, and you should definitely check your pets for them too.

Stay cool

Extreme heat can lead to sunstroke, sunburn, and various other health issues, so if it is really hot out, stay in the shade as much as you can, or even better stay indoors in a well-ventilated, preferably air-conditioned room.

Be careful with alcohol

There is often nothing nicer than a cold beer or cocktail on a hot summer’s day, but if you are drinking at the beach or around the pool, it is best to stick to one alcoholic drink, or if you can manage it, soft drinks only because the last thing you want is to get into difficulties in the water when you are not sober.

Have a healthy summer!

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