Fun And Educational Classic Preschool Games To Play Today!

Fun And Educational Classic Preschool Games To Play Today!

Do you remember how much fun you had as a small child playing games with your family, friends, and teachers? Everyone running about and laughing, and learning as well. Playing preschool games is really a lot more than just fun for children, they’re actually an essential part of the learning process. Games help kids burn off excess energy, bond with their friends, and learn skills like teamwork and planning that will be a big help to them later in life.

Attending preschool is one of the great joys of early childhood, it’s kind of scary for little ones at first who are accustomed to being with Mum all the time, but once they get used to being around other kids and getting to know their teachers, it becomes something they look forward to! Picking the right preschool is very important, enrolling your child in a great place like childcare in Granville will ensure your child receives the very best attention, care, and education available. Best of all, it’s the place they will learn to play all the games you loved when you were their age, and maybe a few new ones they can teach you! 

Now let’s take a refresher course on a couple of our favourite games for young children so you can play them with your kids!

Musical Chairs – Remember this one? Musical Chairs teaches kids to resolve arguments in a peaceful manner, handle disappointment, and practise patience. Set out the chairs in a circle, with one fewer than the number of children playing, then play the music as the kids walk around the circle. When the music stops the children must try to sit on a chair. Kids who don’t get a chair are out, which helps them learn to deal with frustration (it’s not for very long!). Then you remove a chair and begin the game again. This one needs adult supervision and some very clear rules like “no pushing” to ensure peace is practised! If there is a squabble, they need to “use their words”, so give them a chance to work it out among themselves. This game engages all the senses and encourages motor skills, too!

Simon Says – This is a great game for teaching kids to pay close attention to instructions, while also giving them a taste of being a leader. One kid tells their schoolmates to do some silly action by saying “Simon says turn around three times” or “Simon Says walk like a chicken.” The other kids then perform the action, but only if the leader adds “Simon says” to the instructions. Kids who aren’t paying attention soon discover that if they don’t listen, they’ll be the only ones walking like a chicken whilst everyone else laughs. This bit of harmless embarrassment gives them the extra motivation to listen closely to the entire set of instructions!

You can find more information on early childhood education on the Australian Government’s website, it’s a great resource. Now, walk like a chicken!

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