4 Holiday Gifts For That One Friend Who Always Loses Things

4 Holiday Gifts For That One Friend Who Always Loses Things

We all have that friend who always loses their most precious belongings. Losing track of key items often makes them late for this and that, tying up your own plans. If it doesn’t directly affect you, it may just drive you crazy to always see them looking between the couch cushions for their keys, through several coat pockets for their cell phone, or showing up with one mitten because its pair wandered off.

So for that friend who is always losing the essentials, try out a few of these gifts to help get them back on the right track and out of hide-and-seek.

1. Car Key Finder

Your keys are somehow always lost at the exact moment you are headed out the door. Amazing! Your friend is that typical person who hides her keys from herself, has trouble retracing her steps, and desperately needs some assistance. A car key locator makes the perfect gift. The locator syncs with your iPhone so that you are never stuck in a daze searching for your car keys. You can also use the tracker to take selfies or start a voice recording. Its long-lasting battery makes it easy to keep on you at all times and its app is easy to use. It can be used backward as well — if you have your keys but are missing your phone it can help you find it. You can also click it to save your parking spot to avoid wandering around the mall parking lot. Give your loved ones the gift of time.

2. Eyeglass Accessories

4 Holiday Gifts For That One Friend Who Always Loses Things

Perhaps the most convenient item to lose is your glasses. There’s not much you can do without them but every now and again they somehow manage to be missing from your head. For your friend that is constantly losing their glasses, try gifting them a nice home and a leash for their spectacles in the form of a nice glass case or a lanyard. It helps the forgetful mind to have a particular place to always store your glasses. Time after time, tried and true, your friend will know their glasses are always stored in their case. Give them a fancy one to increase the allure to use it. Alternatively, try a lanyard so that their classes can always hang around their neck, never far out of reach.

3. Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

Steven Robbins, a Harvard MBA and former CEO, writes Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, a book about methods to improve organization and staying focused to improve your overall productivity. Included within are guidelines on how to stop losing items. The method is an ideal supplement or substitute to the technological fix. Among his methods is to create special spaces for just essentials, scanning a room before leaving, etc. A different mindset mind is just what your friend needs to pick up some new habits and a gentle nudge through a book is a charming way to politely bring it up. Who isn’t down for a little self-improvement?!

4. Mitten clips

4 Holiday Gifts For That One Friend Who Always Loses Things

Perhaps one of the more unfortunate items to lose would be one or both of your mittens. When the weather outside is frightful, you and your hands need protection against the elements. It can make all the difference between a comfortable walk through the snow and a rushed dash for the next warm entrance. But try holding onto both mittens for the entire season. It’s near impossible. To help out, give your friend mitten clips. Mitten clips are like tiny suspenders for your gloves and mittens. You can clip them straight onto your coat and never be without them again.


  1. These are some some great gifts, I would totally get the glasses holder for my daughter. She is forever losing her glasses. the mittens clip is a must as well!

  2. I feel like this post was made for me lol I’m the friend that occasionally loses stuff. I am a fan of the mittens and eyeglass holder!

  3. Luz I Getting It Right 2Day

    I love the mitten clips idea. I was watching Home Alone during the holidays and he had them on and I wondered why I never had those for my kiddos. I now live in Arizona so not so much of a use for them. But it is a great idea!

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