4 Ways for You and Your Family to have a Healthier Christmas

4 Ways for You and Your Family to have a Healthier Christmas

4 Ways for You and Your Family to have a Healthier Christmas

Christmas is a time when many of us indulge, but you shouldn’t allow the festivities to tempt you into overindulgence. You can get through the Christmas period and enjoy all the festivities without it having a huge impact on your health and diet. Try some of the top tips below for a healthier Christmas:

  1. Think Before You Eat

Over the Christmas period, it can be easy to overindulge on the chocolates and nuts that are readily available. It would be Scrooge-like to avoid all of these treats, but you should think about what you are eating and whether you actually want it or are just eating it because it’s in front of you.

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  1. Keep Moving

It can be tempting to sit in front of the TV all day watching the latest TV shows or repeats of Christmas movies, but this isn’t good for your health. Encourage your whole family to get moving during the day by taking a walk or going swimming for example. The more activity you do, the better, and your well-deserved treat of a Christmas film will be waiting for you when you return home.

  1. Cut Down on the Alcohol

If you’re at home over the festive period, the amount of alcohol you drink can really add up. Mulled wine, Bucks Fizz, wine and Baileys – the list is endless. Alcohol can have a huge impact on your health, so keep a tab on just how much you are drinking, and try to cut it out where you can.

  1. Make a Healthy Christmas Dinner

Research has shown that a Christmas dinner can contain around 3,000 calories! This is more than the recommended daily intake for a man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you forget the Christmas dinner completely, but there are ways to reduce the number of calories it contains. A huge dinner not only contributes to weight gain but can also lead to heartburn and indigestion.

A top tip is to give yourself and your family a normal sized portion of food. Eat this food first and then give yourself a twenty-minute rest. If you are still hungry after twenty minutes, then get a small, additional serving. It is a known fact that it can take your brain up to twenty minutes to recognize that you are full and don’t need or want any more food.

There are lots of tips that can help you have a healthier Christmas, from making sure that the food that is on offer is healthy to ensuring that you get some exercise instead of sitting in front of the TV all day. Have a healthy and happy festive period!

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