Make Your Skin Glow For Longer With These Five Tips!

Make Your Skin Glow For Longer With These Five Tips!

Glowing, dewy skin. It’s usually reserved for babies, children and toddlers – you know, people who do not NEED glowy, dewy skin! We spend our teenage years chasing the glowing skin while battling acne, spots and a variety of other skin changes that affect our self-esteem. We also spend a lot of time and cash on lotions and potions to put the skin changes at bay – even if they don’t work.

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and in the same way you’d look after your liver or kidneys, you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to take care of it. You may have heard of several tricks and tips to make your skin glow, but you can’t hold back age forever – and nor should you want to. However, if you want to pursue the Holy Grail of dewy, glowing and beautiful skin, then you should take a glance over the tips below.

Make Your Skin Glow For Longer With These Five Tips!

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Use SPF Year-Round. It may seem really daft to use SPF in the winter months where the sun isn’t beaming down and toasting you to a crisp, but SPF isn’t about the heat. It’s about UV rays. Even when there is cloud coverage, you can still be very affected by the UV rays of the sun. Medical grade skincare products are able to help here if you speak to your doctor and you have sensitive skin. You can also use products that are from your local pharmacy to make sure you are fully protected.

Get Some Rest. You may have heard the phrase “beauty sleep”, and it’s something of importance to you if you want your skin to look healthy. Sleep is a time of repair, and it’s during the night your skin regenerates and heals blemishes. Where you can, make time to sleep 7- hours per night so that you get the adequate rest your skin needs.

Drink,Drink, Drink. Not shots, but water! Your body needs water to feel energised and alive, and your skin needs water to plump out and look full, fresh and clear. You’ll flush out so many toxins by drinking water, and you can read the recommended daily amount and why it’s that level right here.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise. Do you have a conscious skincare routine? If not, why not? The time is now! You need to carve out the ten minutes at either side of the day to make sure that you are giving your skin all the nourishment and attention that is needed. Once you get started, it’ll become the habit of a lifetime!

Stop Smoking! Whether you vape or not, you need to give up the habit. The effect on your heart and lungs aside, your skin is feeling it, too. It can cause premature aging and wrinkles to skitter across your face years in advance, so giving up this habit can give you back your glow. 

Your skin is precious, and like anything else, must be nourished and nurtured. Don’t leave it behind or forget it!

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