What Exactly is a “Sketchy” Nail Salon?

What Exactly is a “Sketchy” Nail Salon?

We are all aware of what the term means, but it might seem a bit too much when used to describe a nail salon of all things! What could possibly be so sketchy about a nail salon? Sure, they could be pretty bad at their job, but is that enough to call them sketchy? Considering the fact that poor, unhygienic manicures and pedicures can lead to rotting nails and bad infections, we would have to say yes, that definitely qualifies as being sketchy. Thankfully, there are some cues and vibes that we can easily pick up on before experiencing the “sketchiness” first-hand. Let’s go through a few of them next.

Dirty Washrooms

Just excuse yourself for a quick visit to the spa’s washroom to determine whether it is clean or not. If the bathroom is not clean, the nail spa is not hygienic and it really is as simple as that. A public place that deals with so much organic waste every day must have a clean washroom. That place is likely where they wash all their equipment and tools of the trade, including their hands. Therefore, if they are not paying attention to maintaining a clean bathroom, it is a sketchy salon. 

Strong Chemical Smells

Before we get into this one, it is important to make it clear that you cannot expect a nail spa to not smell a bit like the chemicals which have to be used for the very services they are providing. Therefore, chemical smells within a nail salon are normal and under usual circumstances, this should not be anything that should worry you at all. However, do note how strong the fumes are because they should not be overpowering.

If the fumes hit your nose too hard, it’s probably not a good place to stick around for too long either, as it indicates poor ventilation and perhaps the overuse of cleaning chemicals as well. You should not have to sniff formaldehyde for hours just to get a pedicure/manicure! In fact, you should not have to smell any of the volatile chemical compounds that are associated with human health degradation at all if the nail salon is using TGB products. These gel paints do not contain any of the 10 harmful chemicals (formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DPB, ethyl tosylamide, lead, etc.) which produce toxic fumes. Look for a nail salon that uses such safe alternatives – salons like utopiabeautique.com will proudly advertise this.

Loose Attitude Towards Anti-Covid Measures

Masks and gloves are must-haves, along with an active system to maintain sufficient distance between each client. Also, no nail salon worth visiting now should be overcrowded because the management should know better than allowing that to happen. Although the surroundings may at times lead us into a false sense of security, it is important never to forget that the pandemic is still very much active. If the nail salon is not following all the protocols for keeping their place properly sanitized, it is most certainly not a place that you should ever risk visiting.

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