Six Ways To Upgrade Your Living Space On A Budget

Six Ways To Upgrade Your Living Space On A Budget

There’s nothing worse than living in a bland and inspiring environment. Whether you’re stuck with the decorating rules in a rental property or have just purchased your own sweet digs. We’ve outlined some inexpensive ideas for a quick change that won’t break the bank.

Rearrange the Room

Undoubtedly the best way for a room refresh without pulling on your purse strings is a simple furniture re-arrangement. Moving around your furniture can give your room a whole new vibe and can satisfy your design cravings. And if you’re not to keen on moving all the furniture, you can try adding cute and interesting knick-knacks and room accessories, for a completely new look and feel.  

Get Out Your Paintbrush

If you have a small budget and a few hours to spare, painting may be the best route to go. With so many colours to choose from and ranges to suit every pocket, you’re guaranteed to find something that you like. Have an entire weekend to get decorating? Go for an entire room re-paint. Alternatively, for those of you with less time, you’re better off opting for a feature wall or accent corner in a bold and standout shade.

Say It With Flowers

It really is the small things that tie a room together. Flowers can be a small feature that really makes a room look complete. Change them and you change the entire mood. Want your room to feel warm and cosy with an exotic touch? Opt for an orchid garden or mix flowers bouquet. Like your surroundings to be clean, minimal and somewhat Scandinavian? Choose a small potted planted like a succulent or cacti for a cool contrast.

Six Ways To Upgrade Your Living Space On A Budget

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Switch Up Your Soft Furnishings

Adding throws, cushions, pillows and poufs is a brilliant way to add colour and texture to any room. Add some real impact with patterned, geometric or fluffy furnishings and create a room that really leaves an impression. As the weather starts getting warmer, switch out your heavy and sumptuous velvets and suedes for some bright and airy linens and silks to freshen up your space instantly.

Hang Up Some Pictures

What you hang on your walls can have a big impact. Like furniture, you can rearrange your walls for an updated look. If you feel like a creative challenge, try making your own! Create dynamic new pieces, using fun stickers, stencils, newspaper or even polaroids. You can even have a go at the ever-popular gallery wall for something that’s guaranteed to be a talking point in your home. The possibilities really are endless.

Start From Scratch

A cluttered and over-decorated room can feel small and claustrophobic. Start from scratch by removing items from your space. Next, use a scrapbooking website like Pinterest to spark some ideas and to get some inspiration with what others have done. You may then be able to visualise which pieces no longer work for the look you’re trying to design and what kind of new items you’d like to add. Keep referring to your schemes and editing as you go.

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