Must See Cat Hair Styles

Must See Cat Hair Styles

Can you give a cat a haircut? Yes. You can!

We wouldn’t advise doing it yourself, though. This is certainly a job for a trained professional. However, there are many groomers out there that provide a range of attractive styles for cat hair.

In this short guide, we will take a look at some of the great styles that you can choose for your kitty to keep them cool and looking stylish this summer.

Why Cut Your Cat’s Hair?

With the warm months approaching, you will notice that your cat is beginning to shed much more often than before. If you have long-haired cats, your floor can quickly become a sea of cat fur and dander.

Cutting, trimming, or shaving your cat’s fur can bring relief both to you and your cat, which may be suffering in the summer heat. It can also help reduce hairballs and making grooming much easier if your cat is older.

Cat hair also brings dander which is a common cause of allergies. Keeping your cat trimmed may reduce this for someone who is allergic in your household.

Do be careful of getting a very shortcut on outside cats, though. If the sun’s rays are strong, a cat’s skin is not used to being exposed to them, and you may find that they can end up with a sunburn.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common ways of styling cat fur.

The Lion Cut

A classic when it comes to styling cat hair, the lion cut allows your feline buddy to get in touch with their origins. This cut will turn your domestic house cat into the king of the Savannah.

The cut involves keeping the fur short all over the body except for the head, where the groomer will trim a mane. Also, the tail will be coiffured so that it resembles the tail of a lion with a small poofy finish.

It is a striking cut and may give your cat something a king complex. But, it is also good for reducing shedding, hairballs, matting in long hair, and dander. If you have someone who is allergic to the dander of cats around the house, this cut will reduce this effect greatly.

The Tiger Cut

This cut doesn’t add stripes, unfortunately, but it does give your cat an all-over finish that gives the illusion that a small tiger is living in your house. There is no mane or poofy tail. This cut will trim the fur all over your cat’s body.

You can usually choose the depth of the cut or how long or short you want the fur to be. The groomer will also trim the tail but without a fancy finish at the end.

This cut is great for long-haired cats in the summer heat and carries all of the benefits of the lion cut in terms of reducing shedding and dander.

The Liger Cut

If you want the best of both worlds, you can choose the Liger cut, which will maintain a lion’s mane and tail in the cut whilst evening out the body fur to the depth you require.

It has the benefits of both cuts and looks great whilst keeping your kitty cool during the hot summer months.

The Mohawk

Want your cat to look like the coolest kid at the party? Why not give them a mohawk that runs down their back to the top of their head. It doesn’t take much except some water, a little cat-friendly product, and a fair bit of combing to create the look.

This look is really for a one-time effect rather than a long-term style. It is something to try for a party or a cat show, but it will return to normal once your cat returns to its usual routine.

The Dragon Cut

Popularized after the success of the TV show Game of Thrones, the Dragon Cut is probably one of the most outlandish cat hairstyles on this list.

The body hair is trimmed short all over the back and belly. A line of long hair is left down the middle of the body and trimmed into triangular, scale shapes to give the appearance of a dragon.

The legs and head are left at a longer length for your cat’s comfort. It creates a stunning effect, and because the body fur is kept very short, it is very cooling for your cat in summer. It adds to the effect if your cat chooses to sprawl across a rock in the garden like a lizard.

As it grows out, you may need to consider another style as the excessive styling will look a little mismatched for a while!

The Zebra Cut

Another stunning look for your cat is the Zebra cut. This cut is only available for the Tabby cat or a cat with clearly defined stripes already.

The groomer will trim between the stripes to define the markings. This will create a spectacular effect and make your cat appear more Zebra than a cat.

It is one of the lightest style options for cat hair, with only a light trim needed between the stripes to create the effect. But while it lasts, it is stunning!

The Loaf Cut

Our cats do love to loaf about, so why not give them a trim that matches their personalities. The loaf cut will accentuate the roundness of your cat’s fur when they are sitting with their feet tucked beneath them. If done well, it will complete the illusion that your kitty is just a big furry loaf of bread that someone has left on the couch.

In reality, this cut is just a light trim all over but with touches to make the fur appear rounder and softer than normal.

Stop Cat Hair Being Everywhere

A good trim can help reduce the amount of cat hair gathering in and around your house. It can also make your cat feel much happier and more comfortable in the summertime.

Speak with your local cat groomer about your cat’s fur, and they will be able to help you in choosing a style for your cat’s hair. A new cut might just make them feel great and more confident too!

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