The Top 4 Tips For Your Summer Makeup Routine

The Top 4 Tips For Your Summer Makeup Routine

Summer is a challenging time for many women when it comes to their style but especially their makeup routine. The heat can make it difficult to find the right balance between looking stylish and feeling comfortable. 

Even more difficult is trying to wear makeup that is not going to get ruined by the heat and humidity. The problem is that the makeup routine you do the rest of the year is likely not going to work because of the heat of the summer. It takes a little bit more of a plan to make sure it looks good and doesn’t cause you problems.

In this article, I will go over some of the top tips when it comes to rocking your makeup in the summer season.

1 – Keep it natural

The key to any makeup routine in the summer is to keep things lightweight. Natural makeup and skincare products are really good at not interfering with your skin’s natural oil and pores. 

Using mineral makeup, for example, is a great way to go when it comes to foundation. It is breathable so your skin doesn’t break out or your pores get clogged.

When you sweat, even a little bit and your makeup is heavy and not breathable it can lead to breakouts in the worst-case scenario and in the best case, runny makeup. 

If you already have sensitive skin then using natural makeup is going to do double duty in the summer as synthetic ingredients can react to the increase in temperature of your skin. Besides, your skin’s pH changes when you get hot so makeup with lots of synthetics will react and cause irritation much more easily in the summer.

2 – Exfoliate

Your pores are far more likely to get clogged during the summer because of your makeup than in the winter. You really need to clear them out by exfoliating at least a couple of times per week. 

If you already have oily skin even on the best days, then you will definitely see some benefits from exfoliating during the summer to avoid breakouts from clogged pores. 

Be careful to not overdo it and to use sunscreen because the exposed new skin is sensitive and can burn much more easily than when you don’t exfoliate.

3 – Moisturize

It may seem counterintuitive to moisturize in the summer when your skin is usually more oily. But, you are nourishing your skin so it is much healthier when you moisturize. Do it at least on the days when you exfoliate so you can balance your skin with the extra moisture. 

Avoid the T area of your face, however as they are usually the oiliest areas. This is the nose and over the brows of your forehead. 

4 – Wear less makeup

Chances are that you are getting some decent color on your face from sun exposure. And you will likely also have glowing skin since your circulation is increased when it is hot. 

This allows you to use less makeup so you can rock that natural look and not have to deal with the time it takes to apply and the reaction the makeup can have on your skin in summer

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