3 Irrigation Plumbing Issues Likely To Increase Your Water Bill

3 Irrigation Plumbing Issues Likely To Increase Your Water Bill

The average water bill in Australia hovers around $1,200 per annum. That’s a lot of money for just one utility. You should be looking at any and all methods possible to reduce the bill. You’ve probably already thought about your water consumption in the house and maybe even looked for leaks. But, have you considered how much your irrigation system could be costing you?

Here are 5 irrigation plumbing issues that should have you reaching for reputable plumbing.

1. Leaking Hose

The most obvious irrigation issue that is going to make your water bill climb rapidly is a leak. While the irrigation system is intended to dispense water, it should not be letting any water out when it is turned off. If you have leaks around the joint or anywhere in the pipes while the system is off, you could be wasting a lot of water and a lot of money. 

There are many spots where a hose can leak. For example, a pinhole in the pipe allows water out in the wrong place, effectively watering no one. This is wasteful.

Of more concern are the joints and other couplings along the circuit. These are generally much bigger leaks and are likely to cause you an expensive water bill. The reality is that fixing the joint is significantly cheaper than dealing with the additional cost. McCarthy plumbing is providing emergency local plumbing repair service.

2. Excess Water

Overwatering is not good for your plants, it can kill them. Although, the fact that they are in the ground means this s fairly hard to do as the water disappears. But, if you are watering them daily you need to think about how much water they really need. 

Five extra minutes of water every day can make a big difference to your water bill! While a little trial and error is always necessary, it is worth it.

Take a look at how much water your plants are currently getting and how much they really need. You may be surprised by how big the difference between the two is.

3. Watering Other Peoples Gardens

Whether you are a farmer with a powerful pump irrigation system or a homeowner with a sprinkler system, you need to ensure your irrigation is positioned properly. It s imperative that you are watering your own plants and not everyone else’s. While your neighbors will be happy with your generosity, you will simply be wasting money and may not even be watering all of your own plants properly.

Check the water impact and make sure everything that needs water is getting it. 

Final Thoughts

Water is an essential part of all life but you may be surprised by how little most plants actually need. Before you turn on your water irrigation systems agriculture think about if it is really necessary. You may find it is possible to do it every other day or half the time, drastically reducing the amount you are spending on water. 

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