My 2019 Rug Picks From Wovenly Rugs

My 2019 Rug Picks From Wovenly Rugs

I come from a long line of OCD family members. I’m talking about extreme cleaners, to say the least. It was inevitable that having been raised in a home with an OCD mom, that some of the traits would rub off on me. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized just how much of my life revolves around cleaning. I’ve never been diagnosed as having OCD but there are other traits I have along with the cleaning issues. I’m very picky about every single thing I buy. It has to look good to fit in with my unique designs. I don’t like cookie cutter products that everyone else has. It also has to feel good when I use it. Of course, it has to be easy to clean so I can breeze through with cleaning everything else, when I do my daily cleaning (up to 10 times a day, I know it’s insane). So, when it was time for me to replace my rugs this year, I started researching rugs online.

One particular online store stood out to me and if you’re not familiar with Wovenly, let me introduce their durable and affordable rugs to you.  Every rug I’ve ever purchased,  I bought online.  It’s easier for me to do that because of my (failed) back surgery issues.  I can’t lift anything so I have to buy anything over 5 lbs online.  You may have similar reasons for buying online or you might just like the convenience of skipping the store.  Whatever your reason for shopping online, I think you’ll be as happy as I was to learn that Wovenly removed the middle man so that their rugs would be more affordable.  As I try to stretch my budget as far as I can, it just makes sense to me to shop for rugs from a company that offers affordable, unique area rugs that you can try out in your home for 60 days, risk-free.

I selected several designs that I threw around for a little while before selecting a plush rug for my tiny modern living room.  The first one that grabbed my attention was the Stevens: Modern Abstract Rectangle Area Rug. I love the shades and the specks of mustard in the rug. While I did not choose the rug at this time, I do have it in my apartment wish list (above menu). I have a new 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, so I’m working on one area at a time. I decided to finish my living room before worrying about a rug for my dining room table. This rug comes in a lot of sizes even one that will work perfectly for my rectangular dining table. The pops of color would work well with my theme. The below image is just a screenshot, please click on my above link or the image to view the rug and make your purchase.

My 2019 Rug Picks From Wovenly Rugs

You should know me well enough by now to know that I’d have to consider Moroccan Rugs as well. There is just something really appealing about the designs of these rugs that I absolutely love. I’m looking to add one of these in my kitchen but the problem is, there are so many great designs to choose from. I haven’t narrowed down any one particular rug yet, but I will. The reason I’m holding off is that I’m going to have a garden wall built in my kitchen and I’m not sure of the color scheme of it yet. And then there’s the realization that I analyze everything to death before making any decisions. Maybe I will hold a vote on my FB page to let you select one for me like I did my dining room table. You rocked that one. I get compliments on it every time I have company. Head on over to have a peek at all of them to see why it’s not easy to choose just one.

My 2019 Rug Picks From Wovenly Rugs

For the first rug of 2019 that I chose, please see below. Marcel Wave: Modern Animal Print Rectangle Area Rug. When the kids were small and still at home, I was always a little shy of buying light colored rugs. But they’ve grown up and now have their own families so I buy light and or white, whenever possible. And like I said already, Wovenly Rugs are durable so they’ll withstand my constant cleaning. How did I do with my top choice as my first rug? Where would you put it in your home?

My 2019 Rug Picks From Wovenly Rugs

You can click on any link or image to visit Wovenly to find your perfect match. Alternately, if you know someone in college, a new rug would make a perfect gift. I can’t imagine my college days without big fluffy rugs to sit on, lounge on, and study on.  If you’re still not sold on Wovenly, let me reassure you of the many benefits of buying from Wovenly. All of their rugs are backed by high quality and fine materials, sourcing, and craft.

Other features include: 
Built to last.
Well Priced.
Unbeatable prices.
Great Value.
Curated Assortment.
Only the best styles.
Free Shipping (testing).
Free Returns (testing).


  1. Love this style! I think I might need one of those rugs for my apartment.

  2. Nice, those rugs look absolutely fantastic. I know my wife would love this post!

  3. I like rugs because we walk barefoot. I love the feel. But I don’t like the cleaning. Our home in the city can be very dusty and rugs gather dust. I feel sad.

  4. I love rugs, I have them in every room in my house. I love your picks x

  5. These rugs are so very pretty. I know that whenever we buy our own house we will be doing rugs on hardwood floors.

  6. I absolutely love rugs so much!!! These are some great finds!! Love this!!

  7. These are all lovely! We just bought a rug for our nursery that I am seriously in love with. Rugs can really make such a HUGE difference in a room!

  8. I love the white one and moreover the other choices of yours too. But cleaning them is hard.

  9. I really like the animal print rug, it gives the feeling of living in a chalet, somewhere in the mountains. The white brightens up the room for sure.

  10. This is my first tim in your blog and I must say; I do love it! Area rugs and carpet are my things… I love the furry ones even if I never have had one…

  11. Wow, you listed out a collection of lovely options here! I love the one with modern abstract design. It looks pretty, and the price is quite reasonable as well.

  12. I will always have a rug in each and every room in my house. They are just so cozy and yours are no exception. I’d love to walk on them.

  13. These are all lovely options and it will work well is most home decors. The big worry I will have is that kids with a propensity to asthma cannot have those in the house so that is me out.

  14. Wow! That was so amazing and beautiful! I love those rugs you share with us! That would be perfect for our home.

  15. I love the rugs you have chosen. I love having different rugs but cleaning them is what makes me nervous.

  16. I like your choice of rugs! I need to get a rug for my lounge room – looks like I have a great place to start with the information provided in your post 🙂

  17. I’m actually trying to find a rug for our living room right now. I always have the hardest time deciding.

  18. I love this kind of rugs, especially the fluffy ones! I have some at my home too! They make the whole place more cozy and I just love that. Maybe it’s a good time to buy a new rug! 🙂

  19. I just love these! We actually need a new rug upstairs, so I might have to get one of these. I love the fluffy rugs.

  20. I love rugs and your picks are beautiful. Rugs always find a way to make a room change instantly and make it feel much cosy.

  21. We love Wovenly rugs!! I love your picks but white with two dogs would be scary!! But I do love the look. Super chic and modern

  22. I love area rugs. I bought two for my front rooms to make the carpet last longer. The sun wore out the carpet in some places so the area rugs cover those spots up.

  23. So hard to pick! I like them all. but since I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 3 cats I would have to go with black so the dirt wouldn’t show!

  24. I love the one that appears in the first picture! I would totally want to have that one for my house!

  25. I like your choices. They look comfortable enough to sleep White would be very dangerous in our house but maybe we can find something a little less risky with our kids.

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