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Celtic Cross Décor From True Stock Studios

Celtic Cross Décor From True Stock Studios

I recently ordered a Celtic Cross from True Stock Studios which is made from wood and outlined in gold.  I think it’s very beautiful and it fits in with my decor. If you’re not sure what a Celtic Cross is, check out the link for more information.

I was looking for something to freshen up the look in one of my guest rooms and I wanted something that was eco-friendly and handmade and that’s how I ended up finding True Stock Studios.  I am planning quite a few trips this year and I have a relative that comes and stays with my cats while I travel.  I wanted to fix the guest room up to match her preference to help her feel at home.

She’s going to love the handmade wooden wall art piece that I found with her in mind.  Knowing she prefers to buy items made in the USA is going to help as well.

Celtic Cross Décor From True Stock Studios

Please take a minute to watch the below video to see how they’re made.

My camera does not give this sign justice, or I should say my camera skills or lack thereof.  The quality is way more than I expected for the low price and I’m pleased with the look.

Celtic Cross Décor From True Stock Studios

It’s not flat as it appears in my photos.  And one of the things I love about this is that the hanger is centered.  I’ve bought so many wall hangings that lean to one side or the other and I have to fix them.

Celtic Cross Décor From True Stock Studios

I reached out to this company as I often do when I find products I love and think you will as well, and they offered up a 20% off savings code for my readers/followers.  Let me know if you decide to buy a product using my promo code (Shabby Chic Boho) and what you purchased.

As for me, I’m off to go check out their Halloween signs.  I saw earlier this week that they have 30% off their Halloween products. I do love a good sale.

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