My Chloe’s Fruit Pops Bring All The Kids To The Yard

My Chloe Pops Bring All The Kids To The Yard

Well, I finally found something all of the neighborhood kids like, and the moms like that it’s made with real fruit.  Can you guess what that is from my title?  If you guessed, Chloe’s Nickelodeon Kids Fruit Pops, you’re a smart mom indeed.  Which is why I think you’re going to want to hear all about these delicious cold pops.   I bought 3 different flavors (2 boxes of strawberry, a box each of mango and chocolate), and next time I’m going to try their blueberry, banana dipped, pomegranate, and tangerine.  When I was at Publix, I picked them up in the frozen food aisle with all of the other frozen food pop brands.

My Chloe Pops Bring All The Kids To The Yard

These pops are made with real fruit as I mentioned, water and cane sugar making these a better for you choice of pops. I live in a neighborhood of many kids. Every time I see them outside playing, or they see me outside and run over to say hi, I like to give them a treat. Of course, I want to keep the moms and dads happy so I stick to treats that I would want my kids to be given. I give them a lot of fruit (green apples seem to be a favorite here) so I thought these pops would be a great alternative and would be a hit in this heat. I was right.

My Chloe Pops Bring All The Kids To The Yard

Within a 24 hour period, they went thru 4 boxes of Chloe’s Pops. Which means, I need to head back to Publix this week to purchase some more. They were a bigger hit than I anticipated and as soon as they finished one, they were asking for another. They are not any more expensive than the other pop brands and I love that they’re made with all of our favorite fruit flavors, mainly strawberry and they are free of stabilizers, flavorings, basically, no artificial anything.

My Chloe Pops Bring All The Kids To The Yard

Head on over to Chloe’s Fruit Pops to see where they sell them in your area and to check out the extensive line of flavors they come in. I’d love to know what your favorite flavors are.

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