Keeping A Family Home Clean When You’re Too Busy

Keeping A Family Home Clean When You're Too Busy

Keeping A Family Home Clean When You're Too Busy

There are a million different things busy parents have to do in just one week. Drop the kids off to school, go run some errands, or take care of babies at home, do the laundry for the whole house, go shopping for groceries, go make that doctor appointment, pick the kids up, help them with homework, take the dog for a walk, cook dinner and then finally get to bed. Where is the time in between all that to actually keep everything neat, tidy and organized? There almost isn’t, as one thing often leads onto the next. The mindset of you’ll get to it later sets in place like an autumn acorn frozen in the winter ice. The avalanche of responsibilities keeps us away from doing many other things that we would otherwise deem basic. But when you have a large family and a busy one at that, keeping the family home clean all the time can be a stretch too far. Changing a few things up can give you a better chance of having a home that sparkles without fuss.

When you’re not in

Grandparents are great for children. They are from at least two generations back, thus they have a different perspective on life which they can impact on your children. Usually, they are going to show your children how to be tough and resilient when they come over to babysit. But grandparents can be great for you too. They know how hard it is to raise a family and so, you can ask them for help now and again with cleaning the house. When you’re not in, allow them to come over and perhaps just mop the kitchen floor, clean the counter or even pick up the vacuum. So, when you come home you’ll be met with a cleaner home than when you left in the morning which saves you time to do other things. If your in-laws are close by, they might also be available to lend a hand every now and then.

Performing a reset

It’s not just your responsibilities that cna feel like an avalanche, but the entire state of the home can too. Yes, sometimes you turn around and look at your home and judge the task of cleaning every single room, nook and cranny to be just too much to do. Either you don’t have the time, the energy or both. Whole house cleaning options are out there, a company like SwiftClean can clean your home from top to bottom. They are professionals in what they do, thus they know how to clean almost every material. If you have a valuable crystal vase in the living room, or perhaps unique tiles in the bathroom, don’t worry they know what kinds of cleaning products to use which won’t damage your items. It’s good to just completely reset and start over. It gives you a chance to implement some new policies around the home and not allow yourself to get to that stage of grubbiness again.

It’s a family effort

It’s called a family home for a reason, as it’s the home for all members of the family. Get your children to help out with the cleaning and make it fun. Set out a day which you’re going to be cleaning the entire house and think about who’s going to do what. For example, give the child who likes to play rough something that will allow them to exert a little energy. Scrubbing the floors, the bath and sinks as hard as they can will keep them occupied. For children who would rather sort and organize things, they can be in charge of the recycling and putting things you no longer want in boxes such as clothes, items, pens, and newspapers, etc. Both parents can split the major tasks with each other such as vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. Split the children up too so they can spend some time with both parents. You’ll be in opposite ends of the house sometimes so this keeps it fresh and new for the kids to swap who they’re working with halfway through the day.

Cleaning the entire home as a family can be done in just one day. Choose a Saturday or Sunday for this as everyone will be home. During weekdays when things get too much, kindly ask grandparents or in-laws to come over and just do something small like cleaning the kitchen floor or countertops. However, you also have the option of completely resetting the home by using professional services. They know how to clean different materials without damaging them and can allow you to have a day off.

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