3 Steps for Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions

3 Steps for Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions

Tired of struggling with mascara and false eyelashes that refuse to stay put? If yes, get stunning classic eyelash extensions for an elegant look. Lash extensions are the perfect way to get longer, fuller and fluttery lashes – without the fuss. But if you want these beauties to last for weeks, you’ve got to take care of them right! We’ve got all your answers here – three essential tips for maintaining lash extensions so they look gorgeous over a much longer period. Let’s dive in!

  1.       Select an Expert, Seasoned Lash Artist!

Choosing a competent and knowledgeable lash technician for your eyelash extensions is the key to attaining long-lasting results. After all, successful lashes demand exceptional skills and expertise – so you’ll want to select someone who is certified and has an impressive background! Plus, don’t forget to take customer reviews into account – that’s always a good way to gage whether they’re worth your while! Your technician should be able to evaluate your natural lashes, talk you through the look you desire, and advocate the best extensions in terms of length, curl and type. All in all – putting your trust in an esteemed professional will ensure that your extension journey will be smooth sailing!

  1.       Nurture That Recovery!

After your eyelash extensions get put on, a proper aftercare routine is essential for their long-term stability, so here are some top tips to include in your daily ritual:

For the first two days post-application, it’s essential to keep your lashes away from water and steam! Swimming, saunas and steaming hot showers threaten the adhesive, leading to premature lash loss. Oof! So let’s give them a break – until 48 hours has passed.

Handle those lash extensions with care! We know you’re tempted to rub or tug on them, but don’t – that can really mess up your precious extensions as well as your natural eyelashes. Instead, lightly pat ’em down when you’ve washed your face or stepped out of the shower and you’ll be just fine!

3 Steps for Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions

If you want your lash extensions to stay put, steer clear of oil-based products! Oil-based cleansers, makeup removers and skincare are a surefire way for lashes to take flight. Instead, try out oil-free versions – plus, if you must use a makeup remover make sure it’s gentle and water-based! Whoosh – there you have it.

Brush those lashes every morning – don’t skip it! Grab your spoolie brush and delicately comb ‘em. Yo, this’ll keep ‘em neat and tangle-free. Plus, you won’t believe how fab they look!

  1.       Keep Up with Regular Maintenance:

It’s essential to keep your lash extensions looking their best by booking regular maintenance appointments with your technician. On average, these extensions will last between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the speed of your natural lash growth. During each appointment, your specialist will assess the condition of your lashes, take out any tangled or grown-out extensions, and bridge any gaps with fresh ones. That way you’re sure to have full & fabulous-looking lashes for the whole lifespan!

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