Plants You Can Grow in Apartment and Use Them in Cooking

Plants You Can Grow in Apartment and Use Them in Cooking

Who says an apartment must be gardenless? Even though you don’t have access to your own little slice of the great outdoors, you can still bring your garden inside.

Whether you grow on a balcony or a windowsill, several delicious herbs and plants can thrive inside your home. Here are a few of the best ones you can grow in your apartment and use for cooking.


Plants You Can Grow in Apartment and Use Them in Cooking

Herbs are a great choice, especially for new indoor gardeners. Most are easy to grow, don’t require a lot of attention, and aren’t too expensive. Basil, parsley, mint, and rosemary are all excellent choices.

Thyme is also a good option, and it’s arguably one of the easiest herbs to grow in an apartment. If you’re unsure which ones to start with, you can look at this site for a few ideas or browse around to find the seeds you prefer.

Green Onions

These onions are some of the easiest to grow indoors. All you need is to save about an inch of white root. Place the trimmings in a jar and just enough water to cover them without causing the pieces to float. The onions will start to grow, and you can swop the jar out as needed.


Plants You Can Grow in Apartment and Use Them in Cooking

Take a one-gallon pot, add nutrient-rich soil, throw in some water, and you’ve got the perfect environment for radishes to grow. The plants are relatively low maintenance if you control the amount of moisture they get. Treat them well, and you’ll be enjoying a zesty harvest in about a month.


No one wants wild mushrooms growing in their apartment. However, shiitake and pearl oyster varieties are perfect for indoor gardens. That said, growing them is more of a challenge than sprouting typical plants. Getting a starting kit is your best option if you want a thriving fungi garden.


It’s not all herbs and vegetables; apartments are great for fruits, too. The next time you get an avocado from the store, save the pit. Rinse it off and stick four toothpicks into the base. If you suspend it over a glass of water with the top pointing down, roots should sprout eventually. Just make sure to keep the glass-topped up and on a sunny windowsill.


Plants You Can Grow in Apartment and Use Them in Cooking

It’s time to go big or go home. Yes, lemons grow on trees, but they also look amazing as houseplants. By keeping it in the appropriate size pot, you can still have a thriving lemon tree without needing significant amounts of space.

Even better, your apartment will smell amazing, and you’ll have fresh lemons for cooking, salads, or adding a little zest to your herbal teas.

A Few General Apartment Garden Tips

Starting an apartment garden isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it can be gratifying. However, before you start buying seeds, pots, and soil, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want your herbs and plants to thrive.


Different plants need different amounts of sunlight. Some herbs require about six to eight hours of it a day, perfect for a well-placed windowsill. On the other hand, tomatoes need at least twelve hours. They might be best suited to your balcony.


You’ll need to give your plants water quite frequently, but you don’t want to struggle with a muddy mess or root rot. Choose pots that are the right size for your sprouts, but ensure they have a good drainage system.


Nutrient-rich soil is essential for any garden. When you choose your type, get one that’s suited for indoor growing. That’ll give your apartment plants the best chance to thrive.

Final Word

You don’t need a lot of space to start your own little farm. Whether you want to plant herbs, vegetables, fungi, or fruits, an apartment can still be a great place to grow. You just need a bit of sunshine, a few pots, some soil, a dash of water, and a nurturing hand. Add these together, and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time.