Shoe Fitting – Everything You Need to Know

Shoe Fitting - Everything You Need to Know

Wearing the right shoes can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes shoes help with foot problems. Picking the right and comfortable shoes should be everyone’s priority.  Because your feet are more prominent in the afternoon or evening, especially after an exercise, you try on shoes then. Try the shoes on with liner socks properly to achieve a good fit. Sure, sometimes you want to look spectacular and wear heels, which are usually very unconformable, but this should happen on very rare occasions. 

When compared to online shopping for shoes, it is best to do it in person in a local, physical store. This is because you can actually try a pair on your feet and see if they fit your feet well. Ordering online based on sizes and charts listed on the page is not always a good idea, mostly because you try them on once they arrive. 

If they don’t fit, then you would have to return them, which is another tedious thing to do. No matter how quick and easy it is to order shoes online, it’s always a better idea to try them on in a local store. Plus, when you’re in a store, the seller can help you make the right choice. They can offer discounts and even encourage you to try several pairs if you’re not quite pleased with the first option. Follow the link to learn more about the topic.

However, sometimes people have a hard time finding the right shoes for their feet. They end up buying the wrong pair due to pressure from the seller, being obsessed with the design more than the actual size of the shoe, and so many other reasons. 

You should never buy a pair if they don’t satisfy all of your factors. Walking in uncomfortable shoes can lead to bigger foot problems. Every doctor will tell you the same thing. Therefore, it is advisable to follow these steps before you walk into a store.  

Know your needs 

Shoe Fitting – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re shopping for new shoes and want to get your hands on the best pair, the perspective you should possess is how the right shoes will fulfill your needs. Are you attending a formal event? Are you looking for a basic pair for walking or jogging? Are you playing a new sport and need the right shoes? 

Identifying your needs before deciding on a pair can make a huge difference in your shoe purchase. This way, you can narrow down your options and not end up in the wrong aisle. If you already know the type of shoes you need, you can easily locate them in a store as they’re already labeled accordingly.

If you’re shopping for sports footwear, the perfect fit is even more important to support your performance and prevent injuries. For sports that require lateral movements, and increased mobility, keep in mind to avoid shoes that are only intended for running in straight directions, but shop for great pickleball footware dedicated to that sport.

Measure your feet

Measure your feet

Taking your feet to a shoe store and having them measured once or twice a year is recommended. It is important to remember to include the length, arch length, and breadth of your foot in your foot measurements.

There is no reason to believe a foot measurement obtained 10 years ago is accurate. Because of the natural aging process, the ligaments, the connective tissue that joins bones, have a propensity to loosen and stretch as you get older. It is likely that the other tissues in the foot will change as a result of this procedure. As a result of this, the shape and size of your feet will be altered. You should definitely check out this page to find out more about the importance of shoes.

It has been discovered that a significant part of the population wears shoes that are the wrong size. In the past, this has been related to foot pain and foot illnesses such as bunions.

The best period of time in the day to measure them is in the evening. You should take advantage of this chance to do some shopping later on. 

The majority of people have some degree of edema in their feet by the end of the day. If you go shoe shopping too early in the day, you may find yourself wearing shoes that are too small for the occasion.

Remember to stand up straight when you’re taking your foot measurements! A person’s posture might have an impact on the size and shape of their feet. The spread of your feet becomes more pronounced while you are standing upright.

For the best results, it is recommended that you have a third person take the measurements. As a result, it is critical that you stand tall and look straight ahead, with your weight evenly distributed across your foot, in order to acquire an accurate measurement. 

Correct shoe fitting is extremely important in determining the length of the arch. You can find out how long your arch is by measuring the distance between your heel and the ball of your foot. Both the curvature in your big toe and the bend in the shoe must be the same size and location. While wearing both shoes, lift your feet up onto your toes. Walking in a shoe that is not properly fitted for your arch length can cause it to bow either before or after the big toe joint. 

Trying on shoes with liner socks

Trying on shoes

Consider trying on the footwear in the shoe store before you make a purchase. Everyone does this, and you shouldn’t rush your decision just to get it over with. In the event that you acquire them online, a good idea is to try similar ones in a local store just to see how they feel. But, as mentioned above, shopping online is not the best option, especially when it comes to footwear. Here are a few recommendations to help you narrow down your options. 

During the fitting process, wear liner socks and other articles of clothing that you would normally wear with the type of shoes you are considering purchasing while you are trying them on. 

Moreover, you should wear athletic socks when slipping on sneakers if you regularly wear sports socks with your shoes. This will guarantee that your sneakers are properly fitted. Check that you are wearing the same pair of hosiery when you try on your dress shoes if you intend to wear hosiery with your dress shoes. 

The amount of thickness in the sock will have a considerable impact on how well the shoe will fit the foot. Thicker socks take more space, especially when we wear them during winter, so take that into account when shopping for winter footwear. 

You should be able to get your longest toe to touch the front of your shoe with around half an inch of space. Unless you have exceptionally small hands, this is about the size of the tip of your index finger when compared to the size of your hand in relation to its size. Unless you have giant hands, you might be able to get away with it being around the size of your pinky fingertip.

Many people assume that their big toe is the longest of their digits. But some have a second toe that is noticeably longer than the rest. So it’s a good idea to start the measurements from your biggest toe to your heel. If you want to know more, make sure to follow this link

Take some time to consider your options and try on both shoes. You are free to roam throughout the store in them. It’s a good idea to walk around on each of the store’s floors, especially if they offer a range of flooring types such as carpet and tile. Once you do your little walk, you will get a sense of whether they are comfortable for your feet. This, of course, is not a precise indicator of whether the shoes can still be comfortable after a one-hour walk, but at least you’ll know in the store whether they feel good or not. 

When it comes to trying on new shoes, treadmills are the most effective method. Keeping the shoes clean will help you get a good sense of them before making a decision on whether or not to purchase them. Certain shoe sellers will enable you to do this, so check with them before you do it. 


As you can see, measuring your feet, no matter how silly it might sound, is the best option for anyone looking to buy the right shoes. Not a lot of people do this, and they end up buying something that hurts their feet a lot. No matter how beautiful the shoe looks, you should ensure that it provides comfort first. After all, we use our feet so much throughout the day, and they deserve the best for always supporting us!

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