Planning a Beautiful Bohemian Summer 2023 Wedding

Planning a Beautiful Bohemian Summer 2023 Wedding

Weddings take a great deal of planning and preparation, even if you are only hosting a small number of guests. You know that you want to make your summer wedding as beautiful as possible. However, what does your starting point look like? With so much to prepare and think about, you need to start planning how a bohemian or boho-style wedding will look. This style can allow you to have a whimsical day that you have dreamt about, and it can allow you to create some beautiful memories too.

Get to Grips with the Color Schemes, Look, and Feel

Once you have narrowed down (and argued) about who is attending and who is not, it is time to look at color schemes. To pull off a boho-style wedding, you must work towards a specific color palette. This means subdued colors, muted tones, and earthier and natural colors. As well as looking at the color scheme, you now must think about how you want the whole day to look and feel.

Start Scouting Venues

Planning a Beautiful Bohemian Summer 2023 Wedding

After establishing what colors and color scheme you want to focus on, it is then time to think about a venue (or venues). You want to start looking at wedding venues as soon as possible, to allow you to see how you can decorate the venue, and turn it into your dream. You may also want to start scouring venues to see what you can get for your budget, and how many guests you can fit in during the day or evening celebration.

Top Tip: When you are planning all elements of your boho summer 2023 wedding, you need to prioritize whimsical and romantic elements. You may not realize it, but sometimes, it is the smaller items and details that will help you pull off the whole look and feel.

Think About the Size of the Wedding and Reception

Your planning and preparation are going to be so much easier when you know more about the numbers you are looking at. This can mean the number of guests you are inviting (to both parts of the big day). It can also mean looking at the numbers in terms of costs and spending. When you start looking at the size of the wedding and reception early on in your planning, you can see what you can achieve, and where you may need to make compromises. The best thing about boho weddings is you do not always have to have large numbers of guests in attendance. Smaller and more intimate gatherings work perfectly well with the boho style and theme you are working towards.

Top Tips: To bring together all of the design elements of a boho wedding, you may need to remind yourself that less is more. It can be easy to go overboard or spend more than you need to by cluttering tables and venues with decor. However, as you will see, this is not always needed. Within your theme, you need to try to recycle and reuse what you can and focus on simplicity and nature where possible.

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