Stressed Out? Here Are The Best Ways To Relax!

Stressed Out? Here Are The Best Ways To Relax!

Stress is a natural response from our body, designed only to be used in short sharp bursts – just to get us through that moment. But, in modern society, stress can all pile up at once or keep creeping up until you don’t remember the last time you weren’t stressed. 

Chronic stress is deadly and causes all sorts of physical problems, including heart issues. You can’t just suddenly not be stressed; it takes time and management to reduce your levels – but it is not impossible. 

When your nerves are jangling, and you are feeling fatigued, it is time to take control of the situation. 

Here are some of the best ways that you can destress and try to get yourself a better balance. 


Even on the days you don’t want to leave the house or you think you have too much to do – you can find the time and space for a walk. It doesn’t have to be long, and if you need a purpose to walk – go and get some fruit, a coffee, or a magazine. 


You might be holding tension in your jaws, shoulders, neck, and back. Many people who are stressed have physical symptoms. The tension will cause aches and pains – but you might notice them in the form of a headache. 

If you find you wake up with a headache and have a jaw ache – you need to start stretching those areas out for a few minutes every night and morning. Sometimes a mouthguard is a good idea to stop you from being able to clench your jaw too. 

Be A Plant

The internet jokes that we aren’t much more than a complicated plant, and in most cases, that is true. If you’re feeling low, tired, worried, or stressed, go and find somewhere to sit, that is, in the sun or the daylight. You don’t need to head outside (although it might be better to), but you will benefit from the light. 

Play Some Video Games

Yes! You read that right! Why not play some video games to get yourself to relax a bit? While sure, there are plenty of games out there that can give you an adrenaline rush; it’s going to be pretty helpful to instead opt for one that will put you at ease (honestly, adrenaline games can’t relax you anyway). So, with that said, there are so many video games out there that are known for putting your mind into complete bliss. For example, why not play some Animal Crossing? 

Just collecting those seashells and catching butterflies in the game can be relaxing (and the adorable music helps). But what if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch to play this one? Well, if you’d rather stick to your computer or mobile device and play some free games, then a timeless puzzle game like Mahjong could be a great option, too. Honestly, it’s just about taking it easy and unwinding, so the game you choose needs to allow you to do this. 

Be Alone

Life is busy, and with all of the hustle and noise – it can be hard to find some inner peace. Sometimes being alone in silence for a while can help you to feel more centered and calm. It is often an ideal time to go through our feelings and thoughts too. 


When our body is going through the wringer, there are a couple of green additions we can make to our everyday life to help. Natural offers us plenty of supportive greens, lettuce, cabbages, cucumbers, apples, kiwis, green teas of all types, and cannabis in the form of edibles like Shatter Chews. If cannabis isn’t your thing, then take the THC out of the equation and opt for CBD. 

Adding more vitamins, minerals, and naturally relaxing plants into our life can drastically reduce stress levels – and give our body what it needs to help keep us balanced and healthy too. 


Have you ever noticed how reactive our hands can be when we are upset, angry, or stressed? We wring our hands, squeeze them into fists, and some people pick fingernails and crack knuckles. 

Treat your hands to a little bit of a massage, and it can help you to relieve tension. Find some scented oil like lavender and massage each of your knuckles and the palms of your hands, and gently pull on each finger. 

If you work at a computer where you type and use devices all day, this is a good thing to do every evening anyway. 


During periods of stress, we tend to either hold our breath or breathe too quickly – neither of which is good for us. It causes our bodies to be even tenser. Instead, try to notice how you are breathing and take in some big deep ones. 

Make sure that you fill your entire chest with as much air as you can and let it go a few times to connect, and then follow up with holding a deep breath for a few seconds and then letting it slowly go again. 

Honey & Mango

More natural goodness to help you relax when you most need it! Honey in warm water drizzled in yogurt or even in a coffee will give you an ‘ahhhhhh’ moment. Even the smell of honey can help you unwind. 

For a double dose of the good stuff, slice up some mango which is packed with linalool which is what is so relaxing about lavender too. Honey and mango in a bit of greek yogurt is a stress-busting combination – and tasty too. 

A few adjustments to your everyday life can work wonders; check these out for more tips: 4 Foods And Lifestyle Tips For Stress Management – Shabby Chic Boho

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