Stuffy To Spacious: Transforming A Compact Kitchen

Are you fed up of eating on your lap or do you dream of a light, airy, open-plan kitchen? If your kitchen is more stuffy than spacious, don’t despair! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to transform a compact kitchen.

Knocking down walls

This may seem like a drastic step, but if you’ve got a series of small rooms downstairs, it may be possible to knock down a wall or two to create a much larger, more open space. If you’ve got a laundry room or a separate dining room, for example, you could knock through to maximize the space. If this option is viable, and it appeals to you, it’s worth getting some quotes from local building firms and going through some plans and ideas. It’s worth bearing in mind that creating a larger, more modern kitchen is likely to add value, so doing the work could benefit you in the long term.

Stuffy To Spacious: Transforming A Compact Kitchen

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Replacing kitchen cabinets

If you’ve got dark wood cabinets, this can make a small room look even more cramped and drown out any glimmer of natural light. Refacing your kitchen could make a huge difference to the aesthetic, and the feel of the room. If you swap mahogany for whitewashed wood, for example, this will provide an instant lift. The room will look lighter, brighter, and much more spacious. If this idea sounds like a good option for your kitchen, take a look at sites like for ideas. The lighter the finish, the better in a bijou kitchen. If you want to add color, you can use accessories like storage pots, vases, and jars.

Revamping the color scheme

If you’re short on space, it may be a good idea to revamp your color scheme. If you’ve got a small kitchen, bright and dark shades will swallow up any natural light. Opt for subtle neutral shades and if you’re desperate to add color, choose some vibrant accessories. You can match white walls with red, turquoise, or blue appliances or go for a chic monochrome design with a black knife block, coffee, tea, and sugar pots, and plant pots. If you need inspiration, check out

Stuffy To Spacious: Transforming A Compact Kitchen

Maximizing natural light

If you’re working with a small area, light is key. In a compact kitchen, you want to embrace and make the most of every ray of light. Opt for light cabinets, flooring, and walls, and hang mirrors to bounce natural light around. Use blinds, rather than curtains, and opt for materials like cotton and canvas for soft furnishings.


Nothing makes a room look smaller like clutter. If you’ve got too much stuff, have a clear-out and invest in clever storage solutions. Clean surfaces, floors, and walls will make your room look much bigger.

Stuffy To Spacious: Transforming A Compact Kitchen

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If you’ve got a small kitchen, you don’t have to give up your dreams of having a beautiful room at the heart of your home. If space is at a premium, opt for light colors, avoid clutter at all costs and maximize natural light. If you’ve got a separate dining room or a utility area you don’t use, it’s worth getting some quotes to open up space and create one large room.

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