5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse-Style Interior for Your Home

5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse-Style Interior for Your Home

5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse-Style Interior for Your Home

Do you have a home in Melbourne that you’re looking to revamp into something more homey and warm? Or perhaps you’ve recently moved to the city, and you just want your new abode to have that old-fashioned, rustic interior to remind you of your old farmhouse. Whichever the case, such an endeavour will no doubt improve how your home feels and looks to your family, friends, and any guests you’ll be having over. 

While sticking to current modern interior design trends never hurt, homes upon which such designs are forced can also look a bit too impersonal and austere for people who don’t really like them. In contrast, a rustic or farmhouse style interior will only evoke feelings of warmth and homeliness, even for those who have never lived near a farm. It will definitely delight and captivate any company you’re having over. 

That being said, where and how exactly do you begin? If you’re new to interior decorating or even to the idea of revamping a home, you may feel lost. To help you get started with creating the beautiful and rustic farmhouse-style interior you’ve always dreamed of for your home, we present you this short list of tips.

Replace your current flooring with timber

Nothing evokes the look and feel of a lived-in farmhouse better than timber flooring. If you’ve got plain concrete or ceramic tile floors, it’s time to get them replaced with old-fashioned wood. This will not only drastically affect the look of your home’s interior, it will also allow for a more delightful and tactile barefoot experience. 

However, you have to make sure that you only go with the finest timber flooring Melbourne has to offer, otherwise the rustic effect will be ruined. We recommend looking online for the best wood providers out there.

Look for practical, old-fashioned furniture

Out with the new and in with the old! Another great tip to give your home a more rustic feeling is to replace your modern furniture with the vintage type, such as wooden chairs, baroque or natural-fabric sofas, reclaimed hardwood tables and desks, and so on. Of course, you don’t have to do a complete and wholesale replacement, especially if a particular piece of furniture is cherished or recently bought. Just make sure that each room in your house has a highly visible piece of old-fashioned furniture, and you’ll be set.

Consider a butcher block counter

A butcher block counter is essentially your entire countertop, but replaced with a type of wood typically used for cutting boards or butcher blocks. Not only is this great for aspiring chefs who want to be a bit more hands-on with their cooking, it also gives the kitchen a definite rustic and homey feel. Moreover, having a thick slab of cured, stained wood as a countertop gives even the most modern and avant-garde kitchen a softer and lighter focal point. Should you decide to go with a butcher block counter, make sure that you’re well informed about its maintenance, as it could crack if neglected.

Paint your walls in neutral colours

Farmhouse style interiors aren’t the most colourful or the most dynamic. Rather, it focuses on neutral tones and hues for a more subdued, utilitarian, and calming effect. So, if your interior is painted in dark or bright colours, it’s time to swap them out with something a bit more low-key. Choose colours such as soft beige, cream, or grey. However, minimise the use of white, as that counts as a bright hue, and it makes everything stand out more. You can also use this colour scheme with your furniture or décor as well. Some highlights here and there are fine, only take care not to overpower the calming look of the room.

Weather or distress new furniture or doors

If you’ve recently installed new wooden doors or furniture such as desks and closets, then you might want to look into weathering or distressing them for that older, well-worn look. Doing so will make them fit in a bit more with the rest of your farmhouse interior. 

That being said, you don’t have to leave them out in the rain or take a sand blaster to them for that effect. There are many simple ways you can distress your furniture without expensive tools or deliberately damaging behaviour. One easy and tested way is to carefully and gently rub fine sandpaper at key spots, such as raised edges or corners. From there, it’s a matter of gentle cleaning and sealing with varnish. Other techniques are easily obtainable through handy guides online.

A rustic farmhouse-style interior is reasonably easy to attain

Giving your home’s interior a rustic, farmhouse-style makeover sounds like it’s more work than its worth, but in reality, it’s a reasonably easy affair. Start out slow and steady, with big moves planned ahead of time, and you’ll get there without too much hassle. The end result will certainly be worth it.



  1. The rustic farmhouse look is one of my favorites lately. I am dying to have my husband to install a butcher block counter for me!

  2. deedee | chasingabetterlife.com

    While the farmhouse look is not my particular cup of tea, these were some great tips to incorporate the look

  3. I love the rustic farmhouse vibe! Definitely makes it look more homey and cozy:) love these ideas! I had a butcher block table in my old farmhouse!

  4. I love the farmhouse touch, it gives texture, history and makes a place feel comfy and lived in. I may have to try that ladder idea at my place

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