Renovate Your Home To Make It More Appealing To You

Renovate Your Home To Make It More Appealing To You

You might be thinking your home has seen better days and is feeling a bit sorry for itself. If this is the case you can make it feel better by updating and upgrading it. The walls might be feeling a little tired so a fresh coat of paint can do absolute wonders. 


The kitchen is one of the rooms within your home where you spend most of your time. You might even do most of your socializing in the kitchen. Therefore, it always needs to look its best and be practical to meet all your needs. Believe it or not some kitchen counters and worksurfaces are different heights meaning some are more functional than others. If you find that your countertops are the wrong height preventing you from preparing food and cooking comfortably you could think about updating them. 

One of the important aspects to continually assess when you are planning on changing or renovating your kitchen is whether it is both pleasing to be in as well as functional at the same time. There is little to no point in spending a lot of time, money, and effort on completely redesigning your kitchen just for aesthetics if you cannot adequately use it.

Again, because your kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your home, you should consider how ventilated the room is, and if you need any additional equipment to help improve the air quality. Range hoods are a great appliance to consider installing to help with many ventilation problems, along with the reduction and filtration of odors, smoke, steam, and grease. The size of your kitchen will determine how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) your range hood needs to displace to work effectively, you can find this out by using a CFM formula

When investing in kitchen materials, and appliances, it is advisable that you consider the quality, and longevity of the products you are buying. Where your kitchen will likely be used several times a day, every day, if you have poor quality materials and equipment, you run the risk of encountering problems and having to replace items, or sections of your kitchen earlier than you might want.

If you are struggling with ideas on how to update your kitchen you could take a look at some kitchen ideas online. This will hopefully give you some inspiration and guidance. 


Renovate Your Home To Make It More Appealing To You

The bathroom is another room that needs to be practical and meet your needs. This can be really simple and petty but if you are a person or family that likes baths and your property only has a shower then this could be pretty miserable. 

Updating your bathroom to include a bath could mean the difference between you looking forward to using the bathroom or dreading your time spent in there. You could update the color scheme as well, maybe opt for the popular nautical theme using navy and white. 

Living Room

Apart from the kitchen, the living room is somewhere that you spend a lot of time. You might come in from a hard day’s work and want to relax and chill on the sofa. This won’t be possible if your living room seems cold and unwelcoming. In order to change it to a happy, welcoming environment you could add a coat of paint to the walls and even create a feature wall to change it up.

You could also use accessories such as rugs and cushions to brighten the atmosphere. A nice mirror on the wall and perhaps some wall decals can really jazz the place up a bit. 


One final thing to mention is if your home has carpets this can make it seem very old. If you are wanting to opt for a new contemporary feel then you should think about adding hardwood flooring. This is much easier to clean and can make your life so much simpler. No more scrubbing the floors if you spill something. 

You could get hardwood flooring from hardwood flooring auburn placed all through your property, however, it is common for carpet still to be in the bedrooms. This is because the carpet retains the heat and in winter you will be thankful for the carpet. Nobody wants to get up in the night and walk on cold hardwood flooring to the toilet. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you some useful pointers on how to upgrade your home to its former glory. 

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