The Soups To Soothe Your Soul

When we feel at our worst, with little to no energy, either physically or mentally, there is one simple and easy dish. It’s a dish that can come in many flavours, from chunky and thick to more watery and easier to digest. 

It’s soup. Much like salad, soup is underrated, but yet when you really need something that can perk you up, restore a little calmness and help you get something in your system that requires no energy at all – it’s soup. 

Even on the most difficult days, if you have a few basics, you can pop them in the crockpot and just wait for it to be done. 

Vegetable soup

Every culture has its own version of vegetable soup. Sometimes they are filled with spices, and other times not – but what they all have in common is a huge dose of healthy vitamins and minerals. 

If you have been feeling less than perky health-wise, then vegetable soup doesn’t need to be chunky – it can be pureed and even easier to consume. 

All you will need is carrots, onions, and celery for a standard vegetable soup base. These are typically affordable and give the base for your soup a great base. 

From there, you can add any other vegetables you like and even some vermicelli pasta for some extra carbs. 

Chicken soup

The Soups To Soothe Your Soul

There is a very popular book called chicken soup for the soul, and that is because, universally, chicken soup offers something warming and soothing. You can have thicker chick soups with chunks of chicken and vegetables. Or you can opt for a thinner soup that is more of a broth. 

The warm broth is perfect for helping with hydration, as well as offering enough steam to help with blocked noses. 

It is most often the spices and herbs that are used in the soup to give the taste. Chicken broth soup and the thicker soups offer plenty of the electrolytes that we lose when we are not feeling good, like potassium, magnesium, and sodium. 

Miso soup

Typically miso soup is made with a fermented soybean paste and some other fresh ingredients like tofu and nori. But you can make miso soup at home in a snip with this easy homemade miso soup recipe. 

Miso soup is backed with probiotics which can help to settle the stomach and help even out the bad bacteria that might be causing you some problems. 

Not only that but having this soup can help to strengthen your immune system and tastes warm and delicious. When we talk about an umami flavour, miso soup is a soup that has that flavourful punch too. 

Lentil soup

Lentil soup falls somewhere between the chunky soup and the broth-like soup. It’s thicker and creamier and provides a great lining for the stomach. If your ailment is more head or heart than the stomach, adding some spice to this soup can help you to feel a little bit better. 

Roasted red peppers or chilis (or both) can give you the heat that you need to start healing from the inside out. 

But if you have the time and want to make something a little special, then check out this recipe: Freezer French Onion Soup Recipe – Shabby Chic Boho


  1. I love soup! We just celebrated Passover, and my matzo ball chicken soup is a family tradition! My youngest daughter’s favorite food is Italian wedding soup. I love lentil soup too, and adding roasted peppers sounds like a great idea.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try out these soups!

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