You Don’t Need A Lot Of Soil To Make A Gorgeous Garden

You Don't Need A Lot Of Soil To Make A Gorgeous Garden

If you have always had dreams and ambitions of starting a garden, but you have no open soil to grow anything, you might think that you’re entirely out of luck. However, that might not be true in the least. There are plenty of ways to help things grow even if you don’t have any lawns or beds ready and waiting. Here are a few solutions you might want to look to.

You Don't Need A Lot Of Soil To Make A Gorgeous Garden

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Go vertical

The ground is so overrated. You can incorporate the greenery of the garden a lot more deeply into its look if you make it part of the backdrop. In particular, creating a green wall as shown at Florafelt is one of the easier ways to make use of a lot of wall space for the purposes of growth. You can also use your window sills and other ledges as a place for small container beds to add dashes of color here and there. Start thinking vertically and you can create a gorgeous garden even in a tiny space.

How’s it hanging?

We’ve already looked at one way to make good of space other than the ground to offer you new gardening opportunities, but that’s not the only way. Aside from use walls and vertical spaces, you can also look overhead for some ideas. If you have any awnings in your garden or if you plan to update the garden with a pergola, then you can also quite easily hang pots and planting baskets from those areas. It gives a nice feeling of dimension to your space, while also keeping gardens nice and contained so they’re easy to water and feed.

Contain your excitement

If you have a lot of outdoor space, but none of it is used for soil beds or for lawns, then you have the biggest opportunity to get creative. Container gardens are becoming much more the rage, especially for urban spaces, because they’re a lot easier to maintain than lanes with landscaped beds, and teams like Amber Freda can help you create a gorgeous container garden from scratch. While it’s still an investment, it’s worth noting that it’s a lot less expensive than landscaping your whole garden to create roughly the same kind of visual effect.

Bring it indoors

Take the peace of the garden and the aesthetic appeal of the outside world and bring it into your own home for maximum appeal. Greening up your garden room is one of the best ways to do it, blurring the spaces between the outdoors and inside, especially if you have big windows that the sunlight can get through. There are also indoor gardening appliances you can use that can give your indoor plants plenty of solar energy and nourishment no matter where they might be. You don’t have to create a garden in your outdoor space, you can look inside for it, too.

You can green up any space, indoors or outdoors, with the right combination of ingenuity on using different areas and the containers or installations that can give you a spot for some patches of growth.

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