Tips for creating a customized holiday card on Mixbook

Tips for creating a customized holiday card on Mixbook

Although your family and friends can see most of your family pictures online, sending them a holiday photo should be a small gesture that reminds them that you are thinking about them. Getting the right photo, choosing what to wear, getting the children to cooperate, and the whole process of creating the perfect holiday card can be strenuous. Luckily there are websites that can ease the stress for us, Mixbook is one of the best sites for creating holiday photo cards. Mixbook offers pre-made designs while allowing you to customize and personalize your card.

Tips for Creating a Holiday Card on Mixbook

      Choose the design that fits your personality

Choose a design that appeals to your personality, whether sleek or modern, and the typography you choose will determine the design of your card.  Choose a color palette that works for you as well as the grid of your liking. Mixbook has different color combinations, grids, and typography that can meet your needs, and if you do not like the pre-made designs, you can customize your photo.

Order the cards in advance since there can be delays sometimes with the shipping process.  The shipping should take a maximum of seven days, and you should buy the stamps ahead of time so that you can mail the cards as soon as they arrive.

How to Create Holiday Photos on Mixbook

      Choose the right photo

Choose a photo that appeals to you on the card.  The choice of the picture depends on the events that stood out during the year. For instance, you might wish to use a graduation photo, a prom photo, or one that shows a new skill such as riding a bike. You can use the photo to make an announcement such as a wedding, pregnancy, or a new address. Choose a photo with high resolution as this will be brighter; photos with low resolution will create dull holiday photos.

The location of the photo also adds beauty to the holiday card, and you can choose an indoor or outdoor environment while taking into consideration issues such as weather and the timeline purposes. You should take your photos when it is warm, as you can play around with the outdoor environment such as the parks to get the best shots.

      Edit the photo

Do basic editing on the photo if you cannot get the correct lighting, there might be a shot that is ridiculously dark but captures the moment as you want, and you can polish this photo.  Play with the edit buttons on the Mixbook site, and you can add brightness, change color, exposure, and contrast to get the best holiday photo card.

      Ensure that the holiday greetings stand out in the card

The main purpose of the holiday photo is to pass the holiday greetings and ensure that the greetings are legible on the photo card. Each kid can add their unique message to the family holiday card.

Bottom Line

Create a holiday card on Mixbook that shows your personality and meets its intended purposes. Let the holiday greetings stand out on the photo. Ensure that the holiday card captures all the family members with the correct lighting, and you can edit to get the best card. You may also use the card to show new skills or make an announcement. Ensure that you order your card on Mixbook on time to avoid missing out on the holiday timelines. 

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