Best Online Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Best Online Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Times arise where people want to experiment with the way they look. Whether you decide to go for a more glamorous evening “eye” to attend a formal event or turn a bold “eye” to exhibit control over a company board meeting, you have that luxury, and it’s not through the magic of makeup.

The illusion that you create is represented by actually changing the shade of your eye with colored contacts non-prescription options. These are purely for cosmetic purposes, where prescription brands are more for correcting visual challenges.

Variations In Color Lens Options

The design of the contacts is such that the color replicates the iris or the natural eye color. The iris consists of a colorful mix of various lines and shapes, so when creating the lenses, a range of dots, forms, and these lines combine to make the appearance of the shade more natural to those looking at it.

The middle of the piece remains clear so the wearer can see, but there are a few different types of tints that you can choose from when you buy your pair. 

  • Tint For Visibility:  With this choice, there is typically a green or blue tone added that assists when you’re trying to apply these and take them out or, if there is a time that you drop them, it makes them easier to find.  

The tone doesn’t affect the shade of your eyes in any way because it is exceptionally faint. Your natural tint will be prominent and stand out over the slight tone.

  • Tint For Enhancing: While the visibility tint is light and virtually invisible to the naked eye, the enhancing tint is more of a solid but remains see-through. Its purpose is to sort of “highlight” the natural beauty of your eye. 

The recommendation with this type is for use with those who have lighter eyes and want to make them appear bolder. 

  • Tint For Opaqueness: Unlike the other two choices, this tone translates to a whole change of the color of your natural eye. For someone with dark eyes, this is the type you will need to purchase to make a statement with your eyes. 

The options for coloured contact lenses are extensive, including the standard of brown, green, blue, or hazel, but then there are also unusual ones like violet, gray, or amethyst. 

You can choose theatrical or costume lenses in this classification, but these are more of a novelty than for everyday wear. Often these are a choice for things like Halloween dress up.

How To Know Which Color Is The Right One

Many factors determine which contact shade will work the best for you, like the color of your hair, the tone of your skin, and primarily what look you’re going for, whether it’s something simple or more dramatic. Some helpful tips to guide you on your way.

  • Naturally light: If you have a naturally light hue but only want to make a subtle change, you might try to make a mere enhancement. This tone will sharpen the edges of your iris and deepen what you were born with.

For daring date nights or a bold business meeting, the opaque option, in perhaps a green or gray shade, if you have blue under normal circumstances, one of these would have the right effect.

But if you have the right skin tone to carry it off and want a fierce change, light brown would be a massive contrast to the icy blue to which you have become accustomed. People can’t help but take notice of a contradiction like this.

  • A Darker Shade: For those with darker standard colored eyes who want to try a simplistic but noticeable choice, opaque will be the right tone. Select between perhaps a hazel or lighter hue of brown for a nice effect. 

It’s easy for you to change drastically with your deep eye tone. You can choose any of the lighter options like violet, blue, or green and stand out with ease. If your skin is also dark, a brighter lens will make you feel fresh and virtually unrecognizable. 

  • Customize:  Some people want to be genuinely individualistic, preferring a one-of-a-kind contact. Specific brands are available that specialize in designing custom tones for both non-prescription and prescription contacts. 

The variations come from manipulating different densities of colors until the desired effect is apparent. The tint is typically “semi-translucent” allowing for a relatively natural appearance. 

Best Online Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

While these don’t require a prescription, and you can buy as many pairs as you please in whatever colors you choose, you should never share among friends. That is not hygienic even though you clean them between uses. There can be harmful bacteria transmitted from one person to another, risking the potential for infection and detriment to overall eye health. Learn how to put your contacts in at

You can also become personally infected if you don’t engage in proper cleaning of the pieces. These need disinfecting and storing in an adequate solution for protection against contamination. 

The contacts shouldn’t stay in your eyes 24/7 but instead, take out at least before sleeping to give your eyes a rest. You don’t want to wear them if your eyes are red or irritated.

It’s essential to replace the lenses at intervals recommended by the manufacturer or with instructions provided by the person selling the pieces. 

Final Thought

There’s a need for due diligence in this article to disclaim for all intents and purposes for the safety and security of United States consumers who might be reading this piece the following:

Contact lenses within the United States are classified as medical devices by the FDA. Regardless of why they are worn, there is a requirement under the country’s law that a valid prescription is present by an eye care professional with the appropriate qualifications, with no one having the capacity to sell them without the buyer having this prescription.

Vendors selling the items without a buyer having a legitimate prescription or a person buying the lenses without a valid prescription will be doing so outside the law. Again, this is only within the United States.

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