Top Tips for Organising Your Wedding Reception

Top Tips for Organising Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding should be exciting and yet it manages to become one of the most stressful events in your life. That is especially true if you allow too many people to be involved in the organisation process. You and your partner are tying the knot, which means you two have the final word. If you’re worried you won’t be able to handle the reception organisation process well, we have a few tips to help you out.

Hire a wedding planner

According to statistics, $27,000 is the average cost for a U.S. wedding in 2022. This is why one of the smartest moves to make during wedding planning is to hire a wedding planner. While some couples have a knack for planning and will allow many relatives and friends to jump in and offer a hand, others would prefer professionals to take the lead. If you have the money and don’t have a problem with someone else pulling the strings, hire help. You’ll be in charge of directions, and your vision needs to be followed and respected. But you don’t have to be the one emailing caterers, calling videographers and being in charge of logistics.

Stay on top of things

Even with the wedding planner handling all the major aspects of a wedding reception, you will still want to be involved and on top of things. Overlooking their work is vital, to see whether they’ve been respecting your vision or if they went with their ideas without asking you for permission. That is your big day, so you must pay attention and check everything is going according to your wishes. The last thing you need is to see the wrong flowers by the aisle or as part of the centrepieces and have your day ruined because you didn’t bother to pay attention during the planning process.

Look for a professional videographer

Having a magical wedding in Sydney cannot only be recorded on smartphones. You’ll want your big day to stay recorded forever so you can watch it over and over with your friends, children, and grandchildren one day. So, one of the necessary steps in planning a perfect wedding reception will be to book the finest wedding videographer Sydney has to offer and have him or her capture your big day like you deserve it. From the moment you walk hand in hand with your spouse to the first dance and the moment you await the cake to arrive.

Keep budget in mind

In the middle of all the planning, don’t forget to stay within your budget. If you have a tight budget, pay attention to all the processes. If you weren’t able to find the cake you wanted, consider a more affordable option by changing the flavour or making it smaller. Guests rarely try the wedding cake, and the majority of it gets thrown away. Cut back on party favours by offering guests a bag of fewer items. Browse through all the catering options and don’t choose the most expensive dress and a suit if it will mean you’ll have to cut back on other stuff too. Staying rational will prevent costs from skyrocketing and keep you stress-free.

Consult with your partner

While grooms-to-be are usually silent partners in wedding planning, you will need help with your Sydney wedding planning from start to finish. Even if you don’t think they care, grooms will be happy to help you decide and offer budgeting advice. That’s especially true if they’re better at managing finances and know how to make expenses work to their advantage.

Don’t let too many people offer opinions

Are your parents paying for the wedding? Are you doing it 50/50 with both sets of parents? The more people are involved in financing the wedding, the more people will be there to offer unsolicited advice that can only backfire. The golden rule of wedding planning is to allow as fewer people to meddle as possible. In the end, you are the only two people who need to have any saying in the wedding organisation process as this is your big day. So, feel free to tell everyone to offer their input only when asked. Otherwise, if you accept all the advice and opinions, you risk ending up with a wedding that none of the newlyweds-to-be ever imagined or wanted to happen.

Final thoughts

Everyone about to start your wedding planning marathon, we salute you. A challenging period of life is in front of you, and all you can do is pray that you power through it with as less stress as possible. As long as you keep the tips we mentioned in mind, we have no doubt you’ll plan a dream-like reception that everyone will remember for years. Don’t forget to listen to yourself, hire a wedding planner if you’re not up for the task, and only accept the advice you asked for to enjoy the wedding reception you’ve dreamed about.

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