Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

In 2019, I’m going to be focusing a lot on gifts for every occasion and the first product on my list is a Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser by one of my favorite brands, GURUNANDA. I use their diffusers everywhere, I even have one I use in my car. I use essential oils for several reasons; to reduce stress associated with chronic pain, to relax me enough to sleep at bedtime and to add a wonderful aroma in my home. So, it’s important that I have good oil diffusers at all times. GURUNANDA diffusers are some of the best I’ve ever used. They last and are affordable.

Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

Having heard about the Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser I wanted to try it mainly because of the size and the fact that it holds 2 liters. I don’t have to fill it up as often and that matters when you keep diffusers running 24/7 as I do. It’s 20 x larger than an average diffuser. Another reason is that it’s a combo; 2 in 1 Humidifier & Diffuser. In fact, it’s the world’s first open-top humidifier and essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. Check out the below screenshot for other noteworthy mentions… It’s easy to see why this product has a 5-star rating.

Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

The Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for males, females, college students, anyone really that uses essential oils or needs a quality made top loading humidifier. And I have to be honest and mention that I use mine free of oils when I add humidity to the air for my indoor plants. I just fill it up and set it down in and among the plants that thrive under humid conditions. Paired with a good fan, it works perfectly and makes my staghorn ferns and pineapple trees happy. And now, I’ll be able to grow orchids like a boss. I don’t know any other product that does so much in the line of essential oil diffusers. It’s a must-have product for the New Year.

Tower XL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser GURUNANDA

You can use my links to make your own purchase and be sure to grab some good smelling essential oils while you’re there.


  1. I need to check it out, I like good diffuser. using essential oils sounds great idea. Best for our room.

  2. I want one of these for my house! Looks like a great way to have a good smelling house.

  3. We got a puppy a few months ago and our house is starting to get a dog smell to it. Wonder if this would help overcome that? Our house gets pretty dry during the winter with the furnace running so I like that humidifier aspect to this.

  4. We absolutely love using our diffuser!! Essential oils are the best, they’ve been so good for our family. 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried a diffuser before because of our bird we can’t really have one but I’d love to try one in my office!

  6. What a neat diffuser. We have a very simple one, but this has so many features and it looks so modern! I’ll have to check this out.

  7. I am into essential oils and have a diffuser in every room. It really helps calm my family down!! I recommend them for sure!

  8. I love essential oils and I have a tiny diffuser here that I’ve been using for years. I would love to have a new one like that. Looks like a great diffuser.

  9. This looks fabulous! I actually just got one of these and am in love as I love the large size! Thank you for such an amazing review 🙂

  10. Wow I didn’t know that indoor plants can also have humidity from an essential oil diffuser. That looks sleek in your room!

  11. I’ve never had a diffuser, but my co-worker swears by hers! I’l have to show her this post! She mentioned the other day she wanted one for every room in her house.

  12. We lost our diffuser during the move. I didn’t use it as often as I would have liked to.

  13. I am still learning about essential oils. I know they have some great health benefits, but I know so little about it. A post like this helps me understand a little more.

  14. I absolutely love my essential oil diffuser. Once this one gives up I will definitely invest in a bigger one like this one!

  15. I love when my house smells good, but I’ve never used an oil diffuser. But this seems to be exactly what I need.

  16. I love using diffusers! The essential oils are so beautiful and relaxing.

  17. I love that it is a humidifier as well as a diffuser. It also has a surprisingly small footprint for the its capacity. That’s very important when counter/tabletop space is at a premium.

  18. I have been obscessed with candles and keeping the house smelling fresh lately. These diffusers are a great way to keep the house smelling new and I love the different aromas.

  19. We don’t have a diffuser anymore. Time to get one to use once again. This looks like a good one for our room

  20. I love a good diffuser. I’ve been using the one I have right now for years, and it’s on its last legs. This one looks so much better than the one I have!

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