Why An Escape Room Experience Makes A Fab Gift

Why An Escape Room Experience Makes A Fab Gift

Why An Escape Room Experience Makes A Fab Gift


Perhaps you’ve heard the hype about ‘escape rooms’ and are wondering what all the buzz is about? First things first, what exactly is an escape room experience? Well, essentially, an escape room is an adventure game that you and your friends and family can play in real life. The game works via a themed room and a set mission. Your team are given 60 minutes to complete your assigned mission and escape the room in which you are (fake) trapped. 

To ‘escape,’ you’ll need to work together to find clues, and solve complex riddles and puzzles inside the room. There are plenty of different themed rooms to choose, from ‘Ghost Ship’ to ‘Time Machine’ or ‘Wizards Workshop.’ Themes and experiences will vary by your chosen company or location. An escape room experience is a fab gift for several reasons.

Entirely unique 

It can be difficult to choose a gift for a friend or family member, no matter how well you know them. Sometimes when you know someone so well, your gift-giving can become a bit predictable. The best gifts are generally unexpected and surprising. Escape room experiences are generally received as both! These experiences are entirely unique, and so can feel that little bit more special as a gift. What’s more, you can involve a team of people in the gift (making the whole thing into a more of a party)! 

Memories over objects 

When you buy objects as a gift (whether clothes, books, or technology), these can be really well received at the time. The fact is though, it doesn’t take most gifts long to become worn, out of date, or used up. When you buy an experience as a gift, there’s the chance to create memories that last. For this reason, you can often get a lot more fun out of an experience as opposed to an object! 

Why An Escape Room Experience Makes A Fab Gift


Exercise your brains 

Escape rooms aren’t just all about the fun! They are actually a great way to exercise your brain too. Often, we get stuck in the same old routine in our work and social lives. The skills tested in escape rooms can be a healthy way to give your brain a new challenge, get excited, and boost those endorphins! It can be interesting to take a look at some escape room strategies. (If someone has booked you an escape room and you’re not so good at puzzles- you’ll want to take a look!) The room will present you with various riddles and tests, so if you know some of the basics, you can impress your friends.

Lastly, for those who don’t like the idea of being trapped, remember that of course you can leave at any time should you need to. The ‘escape’ idea is purely for the game. (If you don’t manage to crack the codes before the 60 mins is up- they will let you out!) With Christmas gifts to plan, a unique experience like this could be a great shout.

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