Wedding Reception Venues in Lincoln, Ne – How to Pick the Right One

Wedding Reception Venues in Lincoln, Ne - How to Pick the Right One

Weddings should be memorable for everyone. That is why people go to lengths to ensure everything is perfect. So, in this article, we will show you a couple of wedding venues in Lincoln, Ne, and how to pick the right one.

A Few Wedding Reception Venues In Lincoln, Ne

Below we will list some reception venues located in Lincoln…

Chez Hay Catering

This venue is great for couples who would prefer to personalize their wedding space. This venue is an empty space that can be customized any way the couples see fit. It also has multiple windows to give natural light and a nice view of the surrounding area. It has tall ceilings, brick walls, and a wooden floor for dancing your heart out. For a seated wedding event, this venue can house as many as 140 guests.

Courtside Banquet Hall

This Lincoln wedding venue is modern and elegant. Located a few minutes’ drive from downtown Lincoln, this venue is really convenient. With the beautiful light brown wooden floor, vaulted ceiling, and wall sconces, this venue creates an inviting aura for the wedding guests. It can accommodate as many as 500 seated guests. The venue team do their best to make sure their wedding events are remembered by the guests and the couple.

Isles Reception Hall 

This hall is located west of the Lincoln isles pub and pizza. The hall is able to accommodate as much as 200 guests. While this hall can be used for a wedding, it can also be used for corporate events, birthdays, banquets, and more. Another great thing about this venue is the parking space behind it. Catering can be brought in by the venue team. The price to be paid for this hall depends on the day of the week the event will be hosted.

Lincoln State Hall

This location is one of Premier catering’s many available wedding reception venues. As high as 425 seated guests can be accommodated by this hall. It has great acoustics and audiovisuals. This hall is located within History Haymarket.

Havelock Social Hall

This location has two different halls depending on how big your wedding will be. They are the Havelock hall and Lincoln hall. The Havelock hall can accommodate as high as 250 guests. The Lincoln hall can accommodate as high as 400 guests. This makes the Lincoln hall perfect for larger weddings.

Wedding Reception Venues in Lincoln, Ne - How to Pick the Right One

How To Pick The Right Wedding Reception Venue

Now that we have shown you some wedding reception venues in Lincoln, let us walk you through the things you need to remember in order to choose the right one.

Know How Many People You Want To Invite

Before you start looking for a location, you should make a note of how many guests are coming for your event. Even if you don’t know exactly how many people you would like to invite, have an estimate. This can save you a lot of trouble later on. 

If you pick a venue that can accommodate only 100 guests and you end up inviting 200, you will run into a lot of trouble. But, if you make an estimate of how many guests will be attending the wedding reception, you can choose the venue that can accommodate them. Read this article if you don’t know how to invite people to your wedding.

Pick A Location That Best Matches Your Style

This may look so obvious, but it is always best to look at the venues that match your style. For instance, if you would like to have a more modern type of wedding, art galleries or properly designed restaurants will be great. 

If you are someone who prefers nature and landscapes, outdoor venues like parks or ranches will be a great choice. A location that goes with the theme you have in mind will make you more comfortable and the wedding much better.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

When measuring your budget, you have to take into account more than the venue space. Designing and catering should be taken into account as well. Always remember your budget and make a rough estimate of how much everything will cost. If you add the catering and designing to the price of the space and it’s much higher than your budget, you may need to take the design down a notch. 

Know your budget for each category. As you look at venues, catering, and designing services, you can add more funds to the categories you think should be prioritized. Click if you would like to know how to choose a catering service.

Take Your Guests’ Experience Into Consideration

If you are inviting many guests that live out of town, it would be best to pick a location that is connected to or at least near a hotel. Also, take into consideration your guests’ comfort in the venue. Ask the venue you want to pick how many guests can fit in the space comfortably. This will make the event a more memorable experience for your guests.

Think About The Inclusions 

If you are looking at locations you can personalize and some full-service ones, make sure you have everything priced out. A location that includes the chairs, tables, and linens in their price may cost you more than one which allows you to rent what you want from a different source. Get an estimated price of how much it would cost to rent some of these things from a company. If there isn’t much difference, you can go with anyone you think is better.


Now that we have shown you the steps for picking the right wedding reception venue, it’s up to you to follow them. A wedding should be a memorable event for the couple. So, follow these steps and go with your heart. 

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