Helping Your Bridesmaid Choose a Unique Look

Helping Your Bridesmaid Choose a Unique Look

Your wedding day is almost here, but bridesmaids haven’t decided on their dresses yet? Don’t worry! The last thing you want to do is to create dress stress for them, so be laid-back and very flexible when it comes to that important decision. Here are some tips on how to help your bridesmaids choose a unique look, so stay with us and check them out.

Helping Your Bridesmaid Choose a Unique Look

⦁ Be a Good Friend

It is crucial to maintaining a good relationship with your bridesmaids while planning the wedding, simply because they are your best friends who should enjoy it as much as possible, too. For that reason, try not to turn them into fashion victims by dressing them into something hideous so that you can shine and look fabulous. Don’t be a bridezilla – avoid choosing an outfit that will make the girls look bulky or totally ridiculous.

⦁ Set a Theme

It is always a good idea to have bridesmaids’ accessories complement your own, or that their dresses are inspired by your own wedding gown. Creating unique looks that perfectly work together is aesthetically pleasing. For example, flower themes are very popular for a wedding day, so you can choose floral accessories for both the bridesmaids and yourself. Also, if you decide on wearing pearls, you can opt for a chunky, eye-catching choker whereas bridesmaids can have a simple strand of pearls that would match the overall theme.

Helping Your Bridesmaid Choose a Unique Look

⦁ Help With the Dress…

Helping your bridesmaids pick the perfect dress is definitely the trickiest part of the planning, especially if you want them to have identical dresses. Of course, it is important that their dresses complement your gown – just make sure that they are not too similar to it. You should also have in mind that one size doesn’t fit all, so search for the style that flatters every body shape and size. Empire waist dresses, as well as A-line skirts, tend to work great with every silhouette. On the other hand, if you decide on having your daughter or a younger cousin as a junior bridesmaid, you can search for the cutest junior bridesmaid dresses online. There are so many possible choices, and all you have to do is to make sure that all the girls feel comfortable in their outfits.

⦁ …and Also With the Shoes

Picking shoes after purchasing the perfect dress may be a bit tricky to the bridesmaids, simply because they have already spent some money on it, so they might not want to spend even more on a pair of shoes you choose. However, if they will not be wearing the same dresses, you can ask them to wear at least identical shoes. Find a lower-priced pair that they will love to wear after the wedding too. Forget about those gorgeous Loubs or Manolo Blahniks – that would be a huge and quite unnecessary expense at this moment. A pair of simple pumps or strappy sandals will do the trick – high heels will definitely complement their figure and the overall look at the most important day of your life.

Keep our tips in mind and try not to be a control freak by doing everything yourself. There is no need for that because you have so many friends around you who would love to get involved and help as much as they can. You can provide the basic guidelines and support because it is your wedding day after all. Working as a team is definitely the most beneficial, so have that in mind while planning the ceremony.


  1. These are great tips for bridesmaids!! I was in a wedding recently and the choosing of the bridesmaids dresses was one of the easiest parts!! We all agreed on a color and cut pretty easily, and I still love the dress!

  2. I just remember those moments when it is hard to make a decision. These are important things to note and picking their own dress so they can reuse later is a great idea as well.

  3. That’s such great advice about getting a dress that’s not ugly. Also, letting them pick their own dress is a good idea.

  4. I just threw out an old bridesmaid’s dress that I wore in a wedding. I sure wish I would have been able to pick out my own dress so I could have at least worn it again!

  5. I have been a bridesmaid 10x and I was able to reuse only a couple of dresses from that lot. I do agree that it is nicer to pick a dress that can be worn again, but if it doesn’t match with what the bride wants, I’m good with that too.

  6. I love these dresses. when i picked my brides maids I just told them all pink. Any tone and any color. I wanted them to have something they would wear again

  7. OH I remember that hard decision and all the choices!! So cute her friend did the wedding.

  8. These are really great things to consider and I love the idea how they can pick their own dress so they can reuse it.

  9. These are awesome tips for helping your bridesmaid choose a unique look. I love these dresses in the photos. The peachy colored ones are just gorgeous and go well with the gorgeous bride. It really isn’t that important for the heels on the shoes to be super high. The sandal idea I like the best. Thanks for the tips.

  10. Really great ideas! I love how they can pick their own dress so they can use it again.

  11. There are just so many things to consider when having a wedding. These are truly wonderful tips. Thank you!

  12. Planning a wedding was something I looked forward to so much. However, in reality, there was a lot of stress involved lol. Maybe that’s because we wanted to get everything planned in under 6 weeks!

  13. I have been in many weddings and have been stuck in so many ugly dresses–not fun. Thankfully lately the styles of dresses are more flattering and able to be worn again.

  14. Great advice! Another thing I’d add to the be a good friend and help pick the dress categories is, “don’t be too lax about it either.” I told my party to just where whatever they wanted, I wasn’t picky, and they all got anxious and kept begging me to choose a color. Looking back, I should have eloped 😉

  15. I really hope that my daughter grows up and decides to marry someone some day. I can’t wait to make all of her wedding dreams become a reality.

  16. With two daughters, I am not looking forward to the day I have to spring for two weddings. As far as I’m concerned, they can elope if they want to!

  17. Sometimes Bridesmaid comes with three, four, five or more. This is such an great ideas.

  18. That’s all pretty helpful! I can’t remember the last time I became a bridesmaid but it sure is fun!

  19. That is such a cool idea. That way they can pick out a dress they’ll reuse.

  20. You’re so right about that. I’ve worn some ugly bridesmaid dresses in my day.

  21. It is good to remember to calm down some and let the bridesmaids help you out on what THEY are going to wear 🙂

  22. I like how a friend did her wedding. She gave her bridesmaids a color and let them pick their own dresses in that color. They got to pick dress they each liked while coordinating.

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