Tips To Choosing The Right Water Purifier For Your Home!

Tips To Choosing The Right Water Purifier For Your Home


It’s not abnormal to be anxious about what to buy. You shouldn’t just go to the market and pick up any water purifier. Buying the best water purifier needs some more research than this. 

You don’t need to search anymore because here are tips for choosing the right water purifier for your home.

Firstly, you need to check the water quality. Keep the daily consumption in mind. You need to remind yourself of the filter changing cost and maintenance cost. Go for an energy-saving option.

Just go through this whole article to understand what you need to look for and buy the best water purifier!

The Buying Guide on Water Purifier 

Drinking clean water is essential to living healthy and safe. The chemicals natural water contains are harmful to our health. 

We need a perfect water purifier that does not lead us to several health problems. But here is the thing: we need to check a few factors before jumping in and buying. Whether buying for your home or office, just know these important factors before purchasing. 

Fact 1 of 5: Water Quality  

This is the most crucial factor to check before buying a water purifier. The high amount of TDS in your water is harmful to your health. Because of TDS, there will be inorganic salts in your water.

All you need is a water purifier with an RO system. This system has a semi-permeable membrane. 

The pores there will remove any kind of inorganic salts or other impurities. Keep in mind the pore size should be 0.0005 microns.

Your water purifier should keep the pH level more than 7.4. You also check for odor. The metallic taste of the water can indicate impurities. The water should not be yellowish or pale. It should be clear.

You can always get insights about water quality by using the wisewell clean water app.

Fact 2 of 5: Daily Consumption 

Every water purifier needs a filter. Your daily consumption determines the filter you need to go for. 

If you are going for an RO system, you need a high water pressure filter. Now, you need to keep in mind why you are buying this? For your home or office? If it is for home, less pressure is acceptable.

But if it is for an office or any restaurant, it’s better to have a water purifier with a stronger water pressure system. You generally should get a pressure of 5-40 pounds per square inch (psi).If your daily consumption is high, you need an ample water supply. So you need a large filter.

Fact 3 of 5: Energy Saving

Water purifiers will always run. And some run on electricity, some run without it. Keep in mind that some water purifiers even have energy-saving options.

Your water demand will determine if you need an electric or a non-electric purifier. The major difference between these two is the water supply. An electric water purifier will supply water for an office, a big family, or even a restaurant.

On the other hand, a non-electric or energy-saving water purifier can properly supply a standard family. But your energy bills will save up if you go for an energy-saving one.  

Fact 4 of 5: Purification Technology 

Well, there are mainly two types of purification systems: the RO technology and the UV technology.

First of all, you need to understand the difference between these two. Not just these two, but you can also filter water in many ways. As we have mentioned above, the RO technology uses semi-permeable membrane pores to remove inorganic materials. It also clears the water from arsenic, lead, and dangerous chemicals like this.

On the other hand, UV technology uses ultraviolet rays for removing impurities. But here is the fact! UV technology will not be able to remove all of the impurities and make your water perfect. This technology is suitable for water with low TDS. Now, you need to decide the best water purification process for you!

Fact 5 of 5: Overall Costing 

If you want a good purifier, it’s better to invest more. The cost of the water purifier depends on the system. The RO system will be a hefty price tag but will ensure you drink the best quality water. UV technology water purifiers will cost less. 

Now, keep in mind that you also need to replace the filters of your water purifier at regular intervals. And this comes with a cost. Costing will also be different for electric or non-electric purifiers. Before concluding, keep in mind the maintenance cost. 

Why Is It Necessary to Consider the Above Facts!

Now, let’s dig deeper into this purchasing guide. You should consider the above facts to have the best quality water without any issues. 

Water quality determines the health and safety of your whole family. So they need to drink safe water. We always recommend you have the best quality water, which tastes good and has no smell. And this comes from the RO technology.

Considering these factors will make you purchase the best water purifier for you.  It will also save up your costing in many ways. To feel great just stay hydrated always!

Final Verdict

Many of us drink tap water, and yes, it’s great in a few areas. But considering your area, it’s better to use a filter than tap water. Now go out there and purchase because you have a water purification buying guide. Drink safe water and keep your family members healthy! Let us know any comments if you have any!

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