What’s The Difference Between Standard Fit And Asian Fit Eyeglasses?

What's The Difference Between Standard Fit And Asian Fit Eyeglasses?What's The Difference Between Standard Fit And Asian Fit Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses have become a crucial accessory to complete any desired style or look. They come in a variety of colors, coatings, and designs that could attract anyone. You can easily find collections of them online or in stores. However, you might be unsure if what you bought is the ideal fit for you or not. The glasses you bought could either be a standard fit or Asian fit eyeglasses. 

Optical stores have specialized eyewear, so it might be best to check them out, like the Mott Optical Group – Asian fit styles and others like it. However, some outlets sell mostly the standard ones. Both types have somewhat become widely used terms to emphasize which design and style ideally fit users. It’s all right if you assumed both eyeglasses are similar, as it’s a common misconception these days. 

But if you want to know the difference, read on to learn how these glasses are different from each other. 

What's The Difference Between Standard Fit And Asian Fit Eyeglasses?What's The Difference Between Standard Fit And Asian Fit Eyeglasses?

Standard Fit Eyeglasses 

From the word itself, the standard-fit eyeglasses refer to the good old-fashioned style that has remained the same over the years. It still has its fixed nose pieces and straight temple arms. They can be bought at many stores. 

A standard fit is best suited for those with more prominent and higher nose bridges. Some might find themselves simultaneously pushing their glasses back up to the bridges of their nose. And that could be because a standard fit may not be the ideal glasses for them. It might be time to consider which one to choose when shopping for eyeglasses.

Asian Fit Eyeglasses 

Like the standard ones, an Asian fit has a wide array of colors and designs to complement any face. However, the difference is that they’re ideal for people with lower nose bridges—a feature often associated with people of or with Asian heritage. People can no longer worry about slipping the glasses or any other discomfort issues they have been experiencing.  

Here’s what makes the Asian fit glasses different from the standard fitted ones. 

  • Nose Pads 

Unlike standard fit eyeglasses, Asian fit sunglasses are designed to be deeper and narrower. Its nose pads are placed higher and can easily sit at just the right point on the noses of those with lower nose bridges. Some Asian fit glasses can also be adjusted to conform to the user’s shape. 

The screws found in the nose pads of Asian fit sunglasses have S-shaped arms. Through this structure, there can be more room for comfortable adjustments. The glasses can stay comfortably in place through these designs and adjustability, making you escape the slippage.  

  • Temples  

Asian fit glasses have specially-designed temples and temple tips. These temples are more rounded to match the shape of the user’s head. With rounder temples, the user can experience a more comfortable fit.  

Aside from that, its temple has curved ends. This design ensures comfort to the users without sacrificing style. 

  • Curve In Frames 

In contrast with the standard fit, the curvature across the frame of the glasses is reduced. This design is best for those who find discomfort and are troubled by the frames of glasses that touch their cheeks or temple.  

Choosing A Pair Of Eyeglasses 

Now that you’ve learned how to differentiate a standard fit from the Asian fit ones, you may still feel overwhelmed about the thought of shopping for new eyeglasses. 

Since there’s a wide array of choices, your first step could be to consider the different types of lenses and coatings. You can ask an eye doctor to assist you or undergo an eye exam if needed. Determining which is best suited for you would benefit your vision the most. 

The next step will be to select which shape best fits your face. As you might know, eyeglasses have the following shapes. 

  • Oval: These are those with walnut-shaped frames that aren’t overly narrow. 
  • Square: This shape has narrow frames and ovals that have less depth than width. 
  • Round: Round-shaped ones have more width than depth. 
  • Oblong: The frames of this shape have decorative or contrasting temples. 

The Bottomline 

Eyeglasses work to help people. They can either improve your vision, make you look more intelligent, or make your life more beautiful. And over the years, the standard fit and Asian fit eyeglasses have been developed for people to have more options. 

Experts made these improvements to ensure that everyone who loves or needs eyeglasses can have a positive and pleasant experience while wearing one. Whether a person has a higher or lower nose bridge, they may now enjoy any type at their utmost comfort. Thanks to those with innovative ideas, users can choose between a standard fit and an Asian fit type of eyeglasses perfect for them in terms of fit and style.  

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