White noise is a game changer for sleep

White noise is a game changer for sleep

If you don’t have an iLive White Noise Machine to help you drift off to sleep at night, you’re not getting your maximum sleep time in. 

I suffer from chronic pain so sleep is something I lack.  Pain is always worse at night for anyone and I’m no exception to that.  Everything has to be perfect for me to sleep.  From my pain level to the absence of apartment noise.  I recently decided to try a white noise machine to see if it would help me and the iLive White Noise Machine with a night light (bonus) has allowed me to get more sleep on a nightly basis.

I’ve been so satisfied with it that I have added it to my Christmas gift guide. Why?

You can change the ambient noise with 25 different soothing sounds (from rain to lullabies) to suit anyone from children to adults.  It comes with a full-range speaker. You can change the timing of the machine from 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours, to continuous all-night use.

It has a night light with 4 levels of adjustable brightness for anyone who needs to see their way around at night, again for anyone from children to adults, in colors of white, pink, brown, and blue.

It’s not only perfect for those who struggle with outside noise or neighbors living in apartments but like I said I suffer from chronic pain and it’s helped me like no other method I’ve tried for sleep, has.

Not only is this a perfect gift for Christmas, but it’s also a great gift idea for any occasion.

White noise is a game changer for sleep

Click on my above link to learn more and make your purchase today.

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