Shaving Accessory Gifts for Modern Men Trendhim

Shaving Accessory Gifts for Modern Men Trendhim

Today I want to share a site that has men’s accessories for all men on your holiday gift-giving list.  I discovered Trendhim while searching for unique manly gifts to add to my gift guide this year. I was and still am pleasantly surprised by what all they sell and how quickly they ship.

I decided to purchase some products in the shaving line for Tyler who has to have a nice clean shave for his military and career profession.  It’s really important that he looks professional all the time.  He doesn’t get the look he wants and needs with disposable razors.

Trendhim has so many products in its shaving line as they do all of them but I was finally able to narrow down a few things I decided to purchase for Tyler that I knew he’d love, be able to use daily, and of course showcase in my gift guide to help you with your upcoming Christmas shopping. I appreciate each of you who visit my site so I try to find the best products for my gift guides to help make your online shopping experience more enjoyable.

I settled on 3 items and as you can see from the quality, these products will last for a long time to come.

Shaving Accessories for Modern Men Trendhim

  1. Ebony Wood Silvertip Barber Set
  2. Pure Badger Skull Shaving Brush
  3. Shaving Soap Set

I’m going to start with the Ebony Wood Silver Tip Barber Set.

Shaving Accessories for Modern Men Trendhim

This 4 piece set comes with a stainless steel stand.  An ebony shaving brush made with genuine badger hair.  And a 3 piece combed closed razor. Lastly, there are 15 extra razor blades that provide a nice close super soft shave. This set comes in a beautiful black gift box ready for gift-giving.

Next up is the Pure Badger Skull Shaving Brush. I love boho-looking products and this screamed bohemian from the moment I saw it. In my opinion, a man can never have enough shaving brushes so I didn’t hesitate to add it to my cart.

Shaving Accessory Gifts for Modern Men Trendhim

As the name suggests it is made with pure badger hairs. The cranium carving gives it a unique look and that’s exactly what I was trying to achieve.  The handle is a good fit for men’s hands and it stands upright for easy storing on the counter.

Lastly, I want to mention the 3 pieces Shaving Soap Set.

Shaving Accessories for Modern Men Trendhim

This set smells so wonderful.  And the scent stays on for a long time after shaving. The first scent is Sandalwood and Shea Butter, followed by Eucalyptus and Menthol, followed by Green Tea and Oatmeal.  The soaps provide a rich lather.  They’re suitable for all skin types.  And, they are free of artificial colors, silicones, and parabens.

To buy these or any of the accessories at Trendhim, please click on any of my links to go check them out.  They have everything except clothes for your one-stop shopping experience.

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