Tech-Savvy Christmas Gifts for Him

What are you planning to get for the beloved men in your life for Christmas? Are you going with socks again? Maybe a tie? Well, it’s time to upgrade your gift-giving skills and get your guy something he really wants. It’s the 21st century, and tech is still the best present for Christmas, especially for your techie buddies. Here’s what he will absolutely go crazy for this holiday season: 

Xbox all access Series S 

All gamers will definitely love this present. Give your gaming-obsessed guy open access to Xbox games and they’ll get to try out over 100 popular games on the new Series S console. EA Play is included in the ultimate pass, so he’ll get to enjoy all the fan-favorite titles like FIFA and similar. 

Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light

This type of smart light is great for all homes and apartments, and will save the lives of those who are a bit scared of the dark. Globe Electric Smart light connects to your phone and uses motion detection to light up your home’s entrance, hallway, bedroom, or any other dark space. It’s possible to choose colors, set up turn-on-and-turn-off schedules and even use your voice to control it. 

IPad Mini

Tech-Savvy Christmas Gifts for Him

If your gift recipient is always on the go and it’s impossible for him to struggle with his laptop or small smartphone, an iPad Mini is the best gift for him. This little table is a perfect middle ground between smartphones and laptops and can provide you with amazing functions and plenty of storage space. These are also easy to find in stores, but you can also buy Apple iPad Mini online and get it delivered to your address or the address of your recipient. They will spend the entire Christmas day playing on their new iPad. 

Presonus Atom MIDI pad controller

Is your mad an amateur producer who loves to mess around with beats and effects? Well, give him a compact MIDI pad with all sorts of basic controls that can make his music so much better. With all the beats, synths and other effects, he might even be looking to make it pro! 

Novelty keyboard

Guys who need to spend their workdays typing know just how annoying cheap keyboards can be to use and listen. This year, provide him with a top-notch pro keyboard that will impress with its usability and smooth sound and beautiful look. There are even 100% usable wooden keyboards that can be personalized with fun messages. It’s a great gift for all tech guys who love to try out new gadgets and novelty items. 

Wireless charger

Tech-Savvy Christmas Gifts for Him

When buying presents for a tech-obsessed guy, you have to think about practicality. Most gadgets need some sort of charging and keeping all the chargers in line is almost impossible. Handle his cable clutter by providing him with a wireless charger. This is a lifesaving gift that will definitely get plenty of use in the office, in the living room and on the bedside table. 

Tile tracker

How many times has your boyfriend, husband or son lost his keys? Or maybe left his phone in the weirdest place? Here’s a perfect solution that will save him so much time and nerve—Tile item finder. These little tiled-shaped gadgets attach to your frequently-lost items and allow you always to keep your most important things at hand reach. 

Boosted Electric Skateboard

This gift is perfect for all those guys who are happy to mix sports and technology and get something super fun and practical. A Boosted Electric Skateboard is a great transportation means for all city boys who love to go fast and trick the traffic. When buying an electric skateboard, make sure to get Boosted one because this one has the best battery, flexibility and durability (others are quite prone to breaking). 

If you’re sure a gift from this list will make your best guy’s eyes sparkle, don’t waste your time, but order it now and surprise him right for Christmas. 

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