Why you should be Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets

Why you should be Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets

I know most people use cotton sheets. However, the fact that cotton is popular doesn’t mean it is the best sheet to sleep on. Right now the game has changed; bamboo is the new boss in town. Don’t you think you have to switch? Definitely, you should. You need to try out the bamboo to know you have really been missing a lot of benefits. Now let’s talk about the health benefits of sleeping on bamboo.

Health benefits of Bamboo Sheets

One of the amazing features of bamboo bed sheets is that it is hypoallergenic and ideal for asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies. Unlike cotton sheets, it is crafted out of bamboo fibers which have a unique structure that repels allergens. In addition, the fabrics of bamboo sheets are tightly woven together, thus making it difficult for dust mites, mold, and other allergens to enter through the fabric. This is because the super small pore size fabric (look for over 300 thread count sheets) provides an effective shield against allergen penetration. We suggest you try out Milky Sheet’s 400 thread count 100% organic bamboo sheets.  

More so, bamboo is breathable which aids thermoregulation. This helps to dehumidify your bed and keep it unfriendly to bacteria and dust mites.  Bamboo absorbs sweat quickly and moves it to the fabric’s outer surface for rapid drying. The bamboo fabric is far more permeable than cotton. This is due to the ventilative nature of the bamboo fabric; it has micro holes which allow easy flow of air and liquid through the fabrics.

Cotton Vs Bamboo

Bamboo is also more durable and stronger than cotton sheets. You can always be sure that your bamboo sheets will last longer than the regular cotton sheets. Bamboo fabric is recommended for people with sensitive skin as it is softer than cotton and its manufacturing process involves less chemical treatment and dying.

As hinted earlier, bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating and moisture wicking, thus making it hygienic and cooling. It is unlike cotton which holds more heat and moisture. This feature makes bamboo a better choice as it helps to repel bacteria and allergens which thrive and multiply in warm environments. We advise you check out this detailed comparison between bamboo and cotton sheets by The Sleep Advisor.

Bamboo and the Environment

Why you should be Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets

The Bamboo plant grows naturally without the need for pesticides and other chemicals fertilizers. More so, it requires lesser water to grow. Bamboo is indeed a highly reliable plant and versatile natural resource.

Having read about the exclusive benefits of bamboo sheets, you should go and get yourself some. It is definitely the perfect solution for preventing bacteria and allergens, and the perfect match for your sensitive skin, which you can see here. And for hot sleepers, it is the perfect solution to staying cool and healthy in bed.

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