Christmas Gift for Kids CODI the Storytelling Robot

Gift for Kids Codi the Storytelling Robot

Okay, moms and dads, it’s okay to admit that we all need a little help sometimes, like when we’re trying to prepare dinner and the kids are hollering they’re bored.  If you’re like me, I want to limit their TV and device time because I want them to use their imagination and learn during playtime as well.  There have been a few times though that I gave in a little longer just so I could fold an extra load of clothes or sit and relax without them fighting for half a minute.  That was before Codi the storytelling and music robot came along.
Gift for Kids Codi the Storytelling Robot
I don’t even know where to begin to share the information about Codi because there is just so much to cover.  It’s like having a storyteller and music teacher all in one, keeping the kids entertained while learning new songs and listening to stories for hours a day.  I’ve spent today downloading more stories, more music, and even bedtime music to Codi’s already extensive library.  I don’t even mind that we’re going to have a cold wet weekend in a few days now that Codi is here to help.   It’s designed for kids 12 months and up and is a must-have for Christmas and if you act now, it’s on sale for a low price. $125.00 Sale price $99.99.Gift for Kids Codi the Storytelling RobotI’m still learning what all Codi can do and every day is a new adventure for the kids with new songs and stories I can download.  It’s a storyteller as I mentioned telling 130 classic stories.  As a DJ it plays 100 classic songs.  It even gets your kids to brush their teeth, parents.  Codi includes a free parent app (iOs and Android).

Other features include:

Control what you want or do not want your child to listen to.
See what your child has been playing.
Set volume controls.
Set guided routines when it’s time to clean up, brush their teeth, etc.
And you can send voice messages back and forth no matter how far you are – a parent favorite!

Gift for Kids Codi the Storytelling Robot
It was super easy to set up to my WiFi after downloading the app.  I had to add my email address, then click on my link in the email, and then just add the wifi password.  And if I can do it, anyone can.
Christmas Gift for Kids CODI the Storytelling Robot
While you start your holiday gift list, make sure to add Codi to your list.  You won’t even have to leave your house to shop. 

Just click here to learn more and make your purchase >>—->>>>  Don’t forget to add some new outfits to your shopping cart.  I snagged some for the kids as well, but they’re getting them in their Christmas stockings (shhhhh).  Last but not least Codi is super easy to keep clean with stain-resistant materials.

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