April is Autism Awareness, Hoglet Mouse

April is Autism Awareness, Hoglet Mouse

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate autism awareness all month long. You’re probably wondering why autism awareness is celebrated and it’s because it helps to highlight the need for improvement for those with autism so they can live their best life just like anyone else.  

This year I’m helping to spread awareness by sharing some products that help those with autism.  Today I have a Hoglet Mouse to share with you that I’ve been using and it’s the perfect addition to any home with someone who has autism.  This little mouse is the first ever of its kind to bring together fun & functionality.  It’s basically a wireless fidget mouse.

The first ever mouse to bring together fun & functionality

It helps individuals with autism focus while they’re working on a computer.  I don’t have autism myself but I do have a lot of trouble with focus at times, chronic pain related, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how much it helps me to focus.

If you’re a little computer illiterate this is the perfect mouse.  There aren’t any drivers needed to use it.  Just plug and play.  One good thing about it is that it auto-sleeps which is also a benefit for anyone with autism or just for those that can’t remember to turn their mouse off. It’s easy to wash off with wipes and it can even be removed for deep cleaning. It’s quiet.  The soft silicone outer layer means you don’t have loud clicking to deal with in a classroom, office, library, coffee shop, or even during meetings.

April is Autism Awareness, Hoglet Mouse

The hoglet mouse is in the shape of a hedgehog (fun fact, baby hedgehogs are called hoglets) and is just an all-around fun way to increase focus and productivity (there’s focus in fidgeting).  They come in 5 different fun colors and are affordable on-site or on Amazon.

Or, Amazon https://amzn.to/3FSMTLR

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