7 Effective Ways to Easily Organize Your Home

7 Effective Ways to Easily Organize Your Home

If you can’t see the floor in your bedroom, can’t find a space to sit on your couch, or can’t slice vegetables on your kitchen counter, your home is in desperate need of decluttering. Get your act together and create order in your home.

Organization is key to a clutter-free space. It helps maximize your space, give everything its proper place, and maintain order in your home. That said, here are several effective tips to easily organize your home.

Build Floating Shelves

Clear up the floor space in your house by taking advantage of open wall areas. Build floating shelves in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom to organize your stuff. Floating shelves are especially convenient for storing books, picture frames, DVDs, and decor pieces in the living room.

In the kitchen, build floating shelves near the counter to make your pots, pans, mugs, and utensils accessible. You can also install some in your bathroom to store towels, tissue, and bath essentials. Floating shelves are ideal for maximizing and organizing tiny spaces.

Install Hooks in Different Places

Use hooks to organize your coats, jackets, hats, sweaters, or bags. You can install them at the back of your front door and bedroom door to help you let go of that habit of throwing clothes on that one chair or on your bed.

You can also add hooks on the kitchen backsplash to hang spatulas and cooking paraphernalia, making them more accessible when you need them. Install some in your bathroom to have somewhere to dry your used yet clean bath towel so you can reuse them and save water and laundry soap.

If you’re sick of dealing with tangled chargers, earphones, and wires, use hooks to hang them separately and forever avoid knotty messes. Hooks are some of the best organizers as they’re super cheap and ultraeasy to install.

Organize with Baskets

Wicker baskets are handy for organizing your belongings. You can put them in the bathroom, bedroom, or living to store different kinds of things—toiletries, clothes, food, cleaning tools, and school supplies.

If you have children in the house, you can use baskets to store their stuffed animals, dolls, toy trucks, and storybooks. Having baskets around the house makes decluttering more convenient for you too. The baskets can be temporary storage for clothes, books, magazines, and other items until you can return them to their proper place.

And you don’t have to worry about the baskets clashing with your decor as they come in different colors, materials, and designs to suit any interior.

Create Order in Your Cabinets

Half the mess in your house hides inside your cabinets. Create order in your cabinets by having an efficient system in organizing the items inside, as well as making use of other organizers to maximize the space.

In your kitchen cabinets, you can add tension rods to create pockets where you can slot in pot lids, pans, and trays or hang mugs and cups. Add more shelves inside to make use of overhead space and create room for more kitchenware.

Use racks in your pantry closet to group food items and make it easier to find what you need. Add hooks on the back of cabinets’ doors so you can organize your space as well as cutlery and other kitchen utensils.

Use Dividers for Drawers

Like cabinets, drawers conceal a ton of clutter. Drawers are where people like to stuff their things, instead of returning these things to their proper place, when they’re in a hurry.

A messy drawer doesn’t disrupt your daily life, but sooner or later, you will need something from your drawers, and you won’t have any choice but to scavenge through a pile of clutter to find the item you need.

Save yourself the trouble by organizing your drawers using dividers. You can get customizable dividers in department stores, but you can also make your own with cardboard, wood, or delivery boxes. Here’s a DIY guide if you want to try your hand at making one.

Declutter as You Go

A clever organization system isn’t enough to create order in your home. You must put in the work to get everything organized. That can be hard to do when you’re busy with your job five days (or more) a week and running errands on your days off.

If you don’t have the time to organize your home now, you can at least control the mess by making a habit of decluttering as you go. Put “clutter” baskets around your house, and when you’re moving around while preparing to go out, you can pick up any clutter you find along the way and put it inside the basket. This way, it’s easier to collect and put these items back to where they belong.

Prevent Certain Problems from Cropping Up

Moisture and mold are two of the most common house problems that cause homeowners a lot of trouble. Both can destroy the foundation of your home and can be expensive to treat when they get out of hand. That’s why it’s vital to conduct home inspections and do home maintenance regularly.

Plumbing problems are the most common cause of excessive moisture and mold in many households. Make sure to inspect your pipes and water fixtures for any leaks at least once a month. Cover your plumbing pipes with insulating foam to help prevent leaks and save energy on heating.

Another common cause of unnecessary moisture at home is flooding due to clogs. You can prevent clogged drains by using a sink strainer to prevent solid objects from getting stuck in the drain. Also consider changing to a toilet with a motor grinder, like the macerating SaniPlus toilet,  that further breaks down wastewater to facilitate better drainage.

Start Organizing

Make it easier for yourself to declutter by creating an efficient system for storing your belongings. Use organizers that save space to allow more movement in your home.

It’s easy to neglect your home, especially when you’re so busy juggling your work, social commitments, and personal life. That’s why you should be conscious about setting time to declutter your home. After all, the clutter won’t disappear if you only ignore it.

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