4 Benefits of Having a Water Filtration System in the Home

4 Benefits of Having a Water Filtration System in the Home

How much water do you drink each day? Hydration is crucial to your health and well-being. Your mind is more active and your body is more alert when you hydrate properly. That’s why you need to drink the cleanest water possible. Here are four benefits of having a water filtration system in the home.

Fewer Plastic Bottles

4 Benefits of Having a Water Filtration System in the Home

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Some benefits of drinking more faucet water benefit you directly. Others are better for the entire world. For example, when you drink from a filtration system, you no longer need to find pure water from other sources. That means distributors like Aquafina and Evian will produce less bottled water. An estimated 7,000 fewer bottles of plastic will exist, which helps the environment.

You’ll enjoy a second benefit by thinking globally. You will restore a lot of pantries and/or refrigerator space. A case of bottled water takes up a storage room that you could better use in other ways, and you’ll no longer need to keep a few bottles cold.

Healthier Water

This benefit is the obvious one, but it’s also the most important. Tap water comes with potential health risks, as the citizens of Flint, Michigan sadly learned. When you drink water from the pipeline, you must trust the people in charge of water sanitation. Sometimes that’s a gamble.

Most American tap water has high levels of arsenic. The Environmental Protection Agency has warned citizens of this risk for many years now, yet people continue to drink water straight from the faucet.

When you add a filtration system to your home, you remove all doubt about your water quality. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to take this precaution. Fixr indicates that a home water treatment system costs $250-$400 on average, a small price to pay for confidence in your drinking water.

Even the high-end cost of $3,000 is reasonable when you consider that people should have at least six glasses of water each day. A filtration system is a sort of water insurance that’s worth almost any price.

Tastier Water

One of the secondary issues of impure water is that it comes with an aftertaste. You may not even realize it, but your tap water often doesn’t taste right. If you doubt this, try a glass of regular water from your faucet. Then, drink some bottled water. You’ll immediately notice the difference in quality.

By using a filtration system, every glass of water will taste like bottled water, which is amazing. After all, you pay about a dollar a bottle when you buy bottled water individually. A filtration system offers the same flavor for your tap water.

Tastier Food

The tastier water will even have a side benefit. Whenever you cook something that has water as an ingredient, that food will taste better. You’re using superior quality of water in your recipe, and it will have a ripple effect in improving many of your recipes.

A water filtration system is a smart purchase. The reasons listed here are just a few of the benefits of buying a system.


  1. My mom is thinking about getting a water treatment system so that her water can be cleaner. It would be really nice for her to get it installed by a professional. I really like what you said about how once you have a filtration system you no longer need to worry about getting pure water from other places. http://valleydrillingcorp.com/additional.html

  2. There are so many benefits to having a water filtration system at home! It really is something worth considering.

  3. I wish I loved the natural flavoring taste of water but alas not but I can appreciate the benefits of using water filtration system

  4. I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have even looked at some options online and hope to get one soon.

  5. I don’t have a water filtration system, we do drink the filtered water from the fridge, and I can see all the benefits of having a water filtration system. I am totally sold, I just need to convince the husband!

  6. I don’t have a water filtration system but it is perhaps something I should really look into as I think it would make a big difference to how often I drink water.

  7. I really just need to have one of these installed at some point. Our tap water isn’t that bad but it’s definitely not the greatest.

  8. We had one in our old house and absolutely love it. We don’t have one now but I really need to look into it again for our new house. It really makes a huge difference.

  9. Water filtration is such a vital thing at our house. My kiddos won’t drink tap water. I love knowing we are drinking clean water to help hydrate our bodies. Thank you for pointing out the benefits.

  10. We really need to invest in a water filtration system. With all of the reports of lead in Chicagoland’s water, I want to make sure that my kids are as safe as possible.

  11. I need to get a water filtration system for my house. I don’t like the taste of water in our area.

  12. I know a few people that have a reverse osmosis system. We are considering getting one.

  13. We have a water filtration system on our kitchen sink but most of the time we rely on the one on our fridge. It’s cool, tasty, convenient and the family drinks more water.

  14. We have very hard water and for that reaso also we have begun looking for one of these.

  15. Yes we have been strongly considering getting a whole house water filtration system. There are so many good reasons to make the switch!

  16. It was the same for me when I lived in the country. I took it for granted that all water tasted the same. And then I moved to the city and had a taste of reality lol.

  17. It would save money in the long run from having to buy it all the time :).

  18. We need one of these in our house. Our water taste awful so I usually buy some at the store. If I could I would definitely getting filtered water.

  19. We live in the country and have well water. We have it tested and it is the best water around. Feel very lucky.

  20. Filtration sure can make a difference in taste. We don’t drink tap water, we drink either bottled water or water that goes through our fridge (which has a filter).

  21. I need to get a filtration system. Right now I just get my water from the fridge, which does has a filter. But I think this would be a better idea for everyone in the house.

  22. This is something that I have been seriously considering lately. Our town water STINKS and we really need to filter it.

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